MX THE AMERICAN breaks stereotypes encircling heavy metal and hard music

MX THE AMERICAN breaks stereotypes encircling heavy metal and hard music

The contemporary society is drenched in negativity and pessimism. Regrettably, various artists and creative workers are often thrashed with a sudden blow of negative remarks and cliches that impede their growth. This results in drastically low spirits and a substantive decrease in the motivation to work. Some mischief-makers constantly stereotype distinct métiers and individuals associated with that field.

A common industry that is often subjected to drastic criticism is the heavy metal and rock music genre. Heavy metal music, arguably more than any other genre, has a reputation for the effect it has on its listeners’ behaviors and mental health. The strong, loud, and intense musical tones induce a serious change in mood.  As a result, it is habitually cursed for promoting violence, vandalism, and abuse.

Antagonists have claimed a colossal link between hard electronic music and increased suicide rate, drug abuse, violence, poor family and social relations, and feeling of alienation. However, on the plus side, studies have shown that violent themes music do not make fans violent, as there is no scientific proof of such allegations. 

Some haters have gone so far as to denote metal as the Devil’s music. They articulated that upbeat music, for instance, trance, includes satanic chimes and encourages evil. Further, they customarily bash metal bangers to promote blasphemy and call out for evil spirits to come to wreck the living lives. The reputation of rock music has been habitually shattered in promoting suicide and blames for mass shootings. 

Due to its extreme sound and aggressive lyrics, heavy metal music is often associated with controversy. Nevertheless, there is no actual justification that such accusations are true as any such proof is non-existent. If rock music was so bad, why would numerous headbangers from all over the world relish it? On the contrary, metal music acquires extensive health benefits. It elevates mood, fights depression, destresses the incapacitated subconscious, and unwinds the anxiety-ridden soul. It fosters in maintaining a night of good sleep and pattern improves memory. Research has proven that listening to different types of rock music aids in sparking creativity, thereby assisting in the brain’s better performance. Many have voiced the concern that heavy metal’s terrible reputation is unfair, pertaining to the fact that it constitutes numerous mental health benefits.

A fine paradigm is the heavy metal band MX THE AMERICAN, which plays an imminent role in breaking the stereotypes encircling metal music. Based in Oak Hill, West Virginia, and Atlanta, GA, this passionate band was formed in 1982. They produce heavy and hard rock music, which is widely listened to and praised by people worldwide. They perform live shows, sell brand-centric CDs, merchandise, and comic books. 

The passionate band comprises four highly skilled artists who have taken the bands to a phenomenal stratum by producing intense, virtuosic, and powerful music. It comprises the lead vocalist and bassist Rad Ray Terrell, lead vocalist Melvin Melly D Davis, guitarist Joseph Scott Burns, guitarist Richard James Dobbs, Keyboardist Hugh Harrer and drummer Detlef von Kalben. Their albums include Made In The USA 1986; BURN 1988, Goeth For What Thou Knoweth 1992, Into The Depths 1994, Contagious 1996, The Lazarus Phenomenon 1998, SELF TITLED 2020,Ten thousand elephants 2020. Further, MX the American is releasing its ninth album Appalachia Voodoo Factory, 2021.

In 2018 the band changed their name from MX to MX THEAMERICAN [6] The band is signed to Curtain Call Records. MX THE AMERICAN will be playing at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Fear Fest, Carolina Uprising on their 2021 USA tour.

MX THE AMERICAN has played with notable artists and bands including Megadeth, Motorhead, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Fate’s Warning, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helix, Overkill, King Diamond, Merciful Faith, Quiet Riot, Rick Derringer, Sister Hazel, Bullet Boys, Butt Hole Surfers, and Cacophony and GWAR.

The band believes that heavy metal is a music genre that greatly impacts the subconscious of the listener. They advocate that metal music does not seed negativity or foster devilish themes. They bring a radical change in the metal industry and brush aside negative stigmas attached to metal music. Through their thought-provoking lyrics from real-life experiences and powerful, intense upbeats, they help individuals suffering from psychological illnesses, thereby pulling them out of the gloom. 

The band’s guitarist, Joseph Scott Burns, says, “Anybody you listen to with an open mind will inspire you and affect your playing.”

The lead vocalist with the band Rad Ray Terrell says it’s been an incredible experience discerning the community’s great reception. 

“It’s doing really good. We have over 5,000 people on our site, we have another 1,000 likes. I love it man, we all love it. The welcome is just tremendous,” Terrell said.

Conclusively the band generally believes that while each listener’s experience is subjective, metal music shouldn’t be recognized as a bad influence on people. Instead, it should be acknowledged as an aid for alleviating negative emotions, creating room for positive ones, and generating a welcoming and inclusive community for metalheads.

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