Most visited cities in Mexico by entrepreneurs

Mexico is one of the most visited destinations currently by tourists and especially those who want to undertake or have already done so.

And this is mainly due to its infrastructure, hotel supply and its connectivity. Business tourism is par excellence, one of the options that allow you to grow as an entrepreneur and expand your vision in business.

Mexico has a wealth both natural and cultural, which can be attractive for those who go for a walk and also for those looking for business opportunities. From colonial and modern cities, to archeological ruins, paradisiacal beaches and magical villages is only part of what it offers. Especially for you who go after growth as an entrepreneur and look for the best opportunities to achieve it.

These are the most visited cities in Mexico by entrepreneurs!

Why Mexico

This beautiful country currently hosts the best events for the entrepreneur; in addition in most of its cities the maximum development of the country is concentrated. If you want to achieve success in your business, Mexico opens a range of contacts, opportunities with broad economic potential, as well as the possibility of extending the scope of your venture.

The most visited cities by entrepreneurs

Many of Mexico’s cities are par excellence the preferred destination for tourists from various parts of the world, even in many of the world statistics, localities such as Cancun or Mexico City are currently the most frequented.


This city has diverse environments exclusively focused on business; such is the case of auditoriums with capacity for 500 people, meeting rooms and convention rooms. All these spaces serve as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, highlighting the Convex Center and Cintermex as the most significant business centers in the city.

It was listed in 2017 as the No. 1 city in business tourism, basically due to its proximity to the northern border. An important fact of this locality is that it has terrestrial connectivity with cities of the United States like Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas.


This city is one of the most charming in all of Mexico; it is distinguished by its richness in gastronomic and cultural matters. Its great diversity of theaters, cultural centers and museums offers those who visit multiple entertainment options. On the other hand, it is recognized internationally for hosting the ruins of Chichen Itza, an archeological site that attracts thousands of visitors annually.


It is the second largest population in the country, has a wide range of hotels, especially for the executive class. It has an airport, coworking and various points for work, being one of them the Expo Guadalajara convention center that can accommodate more than 50 thousand visitors. And if it is about walks you can visit the Mariachi Square, the Degollado Theater or the Cultural Institute Cabins.


Characterized for being the Mexican town that has the most border crossings worldwide, this city is a combination of modern architecture with wonderful beaches, museums, in short, many options for entertainment in which of course you cannot miss the opportunity to do business and expand your entrepreneurial vision.


Its excellent geographical location makes it one of the favorite destinations for entrepreneurs as it offers the opportunity to attend important exhibitions, conventions and conferences. Some hotels offer their spaces to organize meetings and meetings. Another curious fact is that it connects with the north and center of the country and one of the places with greater capacity (more than 10 thousand people) is the Polyforum Leon.


Thanks to its proximity to Mexico City, Queretaro is one of the cities with the greatest connectivity to the center of the country; it also has an airport that has international capacity. In this city, 80% of hotel occupancy comes from tourists who visit with business plans.

Its congress center has just over 10 rooms where more than 9 thousand people can congregate; it also has a Convention Center and a commercial area.


According to data released by the International Association of Congresses and Conventions, Puebla is listed as the fourth most important city for conducting business, which makes it an excellent destination for the entrepreneur who aspires to expand his business precisely in the center of the country.

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