Model Turned Entrepreneur’ VesnaVrankovic’ Talks About What Keep Women from Pursuing Their Entrepreneurial Dream

Entrepreneurial Dream

Being a business visionary is no mean feat paying little heed to gender, yet being a woman possibly makes the excursion to possessing a fruitful and sustainable business considerably more troublesome.

There are such countless anecdotes about school dropouts who begin in a garage, strike gold and proceed to construct billion-dollar domains. Every one of them is, unusually, man. Femalebillionaires never begin in the garage; they quite often acquire it, banishing a couple of models from showbiz.

The term ‘mompreneurs’ may sound hackneyed; however, there exists today a generation of new mums who are turning business visionaries by choice, since it’s, at last, an ideal opportunity to pursue their desire and do what they have been longing to do since ever. One such incredible model, who has mastered juggling both as a mom and entrepreneur, emerging as a genuine ‘mompreneur’ is VesnaVrankovic.

Vrankovic, the Dubai-based model, has managed to conquer the realm of modeling working with numerous prestigious brands, including Tom Ford beauty, Mac Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Carolina Herrera, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Luis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs. Later on, with a deep desire to chase her passion for becoming an entrepreneur, Vesna ventured into the world of entrepreneurship.

Being a true advocate of healthy living to cherish a pure lifestyle, Vesna laid the foundation of an organic restaurant in Dubai, Tribeca Kitchen& Bar, where she served as the Creative Director.Tribeca Kitchen & Bar emerged as one multi award-winning restaurant and lifestyle venue, depicting the truly creative mind of Vesna. Deciding to step up her advocacy for pure lifestyle, she then co-founded Our Hempco, a company that grows organic hemp to create top-notch beauty products.

Yet, Vesna’s journey from being a model to a fruitful ‘mompreneur’ was not at all rainbow and roses. She had to face backlashes but still managed to bloom with her unwavering determination. Below, she talks about what keep women from chasing their dream of entrepreneurship.

Vanquishing Confidence

The deplorable truth of unconscious bias, as our brain risk quickly making cliché decisions about others, could unreasonably prompt question concerning a female founder’s believability, dependability, or knowledge, regardless of whether manifesting itself in investors getting some information about her family plan or a client demanding that their male competitor would do a superior job.

Females, however, are breaking stereotypes and manufacturing better approaches for work. They have started to consider the negatives regarding their gender in the working environment and transform them into positives. For such a long time, women who cried or showed emotions were viewed as powerless, shattering their confidence.

Research by Natwest demonstrates that right around 66% of would-be female entrepreneurs accuse self-confidence of keeping them from seeking after their dreams. It’s consequently not really an altogether external glass ceiling but rather, in some cases, an inner one that disrupts everything.

“Remaining consistent with who you are as a woman and not restraining your feminine perspective on the world is indispensable, as then you are bringing your own dimension and knowledge. At the end of the day,respecting yourself and your thoughts and stances is first and foremost,” says Vrankovic.

VesnaVrankovic explains that we have a special and amazing viewpoint to bring to the table in the realm of business venture, notwithstanding the hindrances and stereotypes we regularly may confront. “We need to walk in that power with certainty and not dread, while likewise safeguarding a positive sense of self, independent of the difficulties that may come in our direction,” she says.

With regards to building an organization, it necessitates a degree of patience as it requires some investment to assemble genuine connections. “Where there is a networking opportunity, we can frequently feel pressure to go over with a particular goal in mind, notwithstanding, act naturally, and be who you are.

I have had the chance to build up some fantastic long haul companionships and personal mentors because of putting myself out there networking, acting naturally, and having organic discussions. The key to master self-confidence is to believe in your power as a woman, trust yourself because nobody else will,” expresses Vrankovic.

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