Microsoft Office 365 can be Free

Microsoft has long decided that the solution to prevent hacking of its office suite was to give free access to it. Until recently, the investment to install an Office on your computer was quite high. But with the advent of cloud technologies, everything has become much more accessible to users.

Now you can use Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote in Office 365 online, without paying for it at all, and also being able to take advantage of a storage space for your documents for free. On the other hand, Microsoft brings a lot of incentives for you to upgrade to Office 365.

What is free in Office 365?

Office Online allows you to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and you can also use it for Outlook.

In other words, the most used Microsoft applications are at your disposal without having to take anything out of your pocket. It is true that the applications have some limited functionality, if you compare them with the paid versions.

But limited functions are advanced features, not the ones you would use every day, for example, Word Online, it has all the basic text formatting functions you may need.

The big difference is that Word Online does not have the References and Correspondence tabs. The first allows you to insert tables of contents, indexes, citations, bibliographies and the second to manage mailing type correspondence, envelopes, labels.

In the case of Excel Online, you have at your disposal the famous worksheet, which lacks as important functions, the creation of pivot tables and the use of forms and macros. But let’s be honest, these functions are advanced. and are not the most used by Office users.

In return, you have the opportunity to create registration forms, surveys or exams to be completed online, your results are then collected on an Excel sheet to analyze them.

On mobile devices, you can view, create and edit documents for free, and sync those files with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud. Within the free features, you will not have to track versions of a document, nor to approve changes that other users can make with whom you share information.

What’s not free in Office 365?

  • If you need to use the Office 365 Access database or the Publisher application, you don’t have it available for free either.
  • In this case you should pay a subscription to Office 365 for access to more advanced features.
  • There are several types, Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home and different business plans.

If you are an Apple, you also have the applications at your disposal.

Office 365 and company

  • By paying a subscription you have other advantages such as:
  • Microsoft support to consult your experts.
  • A OneDrive cloud to use from 1Tb. Before the cloud was called SkyDrive, they just changed their name.
  • 60 minutes for phone calls to mobile or landlines from Skype and from any of your devices.
  • You will be able to work as a team, share and work together on your documents, with other Office users.
  • Track the versions of documents you have shared.


 Office Online applications are enough for most people, as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote cover the basic needs of using an Office suite, if you add Office’s free mobile apps also have limited capabilities, but with them you can create, view and edit documents.

And in case you do not reach with the free utilities, I really recommend an Office 365 Home license, for all the benefits and the possibility of installing and sharing them with up to 4 computers, 4 smartphones and, 4 tablets in addition to yours.

Do you think it is a good idea to share and amortize a minimum expense such as € 99 per year to have the comfort, power and professionalism of a tool like Office?

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