Marketing Influencers: What to do to make an influencer look at your business?

As online entrepreneurs you have to look for any tool that works and that allows you to stay in force despite the changes, the competition and anything else that threatens to lead to failure. Nowadays, the term “influencer” is very fashionable; they are people who have the power to change behaviors, both personally and commercially, of those who follow and see it, so we expressly need to explain some of the techniques that will help an influencer to focus on his business and boost your presence on the Internet.

Tips for an influencer to look at your business

Now, do you know how to make an influencer look at your business and decide to ally? Here are some very valuable tips:

1. Identify very well the figures that best fit your business

Within the digital environment there are different types of influencers and you have to identify the best profile to be your commercial ally in the coming months.

To help you make a filtering of these figures think for a second: What is the personality of your business?

Keep in mind that a true influencer rather than promoting a product, sell a lifestyle and, to do so, must have a well-defined personality. Think together with your team what is what makes you identify with these figures.

2. Interact with the influencer in social networks

Social networks are a perfect channel to sell, branding, promoting or any other activity that has to do with the commercial side, therefore, before anything, you must think about how to interact naturally with the influencer that has put you the eye.

The interactions should be seen naturally, nothing of “hey I’d love to give you a gift from my brand” or “would you like a free trial of my product X”. That is not original, much less natural.

The interaction in social networks must be timely. Saying a Like, for example, is a good start to indicate that you are there, following and enjoying what you do.

Followed by a Like, a comment can come to let you know your admiration for the work that makes that figure, and so, little by little, you can approach naturally to finally propose a work plan together.

3. Make webinars frequently

In order for an influencer to focus on your business, you must take actions that allow the influencer to identify you as a brand that is targeting the same type of audience as him. For example: An influencer that represents a beach lifestyle, jovial, fun can be sponsored by a brand of sunglasses.

The idea is that your name starts to sound familiar, close, good vibes and connect.

A method similar to the previous recommendation is enrolling in their webinars or conferences. The idea is that your business is there, present so that it sounds good. And during the event, be an active participant, ask, comment, congratulate.

4. Create good content and mention it

There are innumerable ideas that can be supported to create content in which that influencer is the focus. For example:

Create a post on the company’s blog and mention the top 5 influencer in the industry.

You can also check if that figure has launched a new book, has attended a charity event or is a representative of a foundation and make a review on the blog. Thus, his business manages to attract the attention of the influencer and prepares the ground for the conquest of that figure.

Think about trying to sell a product to a potential customer. What is the best way to do it? Once you have created the post, the next step is to tag it on social networks and invite it with a good phrase to click on the link to read the content.

5. Invite the influencers to do something together

When you feel you already have something, and you think you could take another step towards conquering that influencer to boost your business, it’s time to invite him to do something together.

That something can be, for example, creating content together on a topic of interest and in which he (or she) is the protagonist of the story. For example, I could tell that influencer’s story about how he got to where he is.

Or you can ask for a collaboration to make a podcast type interview that serves as inspiration material for other young people just like him. That is, the question is about allying to create quality content for the public of both.

Subsequently, it is necessary to analyze if the content that they have created together has had an impact within the audience and thus offer a better alliance soon.

6. Propose to influencers something of value that motivates them to ally

Normally, these alliances are given for the influencer to promote products or services. Among all that you have to offer, identify what the influencer is likely to find as an irresistible proposal.

For example, if it is a travel agency, propose to make a couple of trips to the destinations that he wants with all the expenses paid, and during the trips mention that he has sponsored his business.

Something must be clear; the alliances that he intends to create with influencers must be linked to selling a lifestyle and not the simple promotion of a product or service that would be very forced. The proposal that you have in mind to offer to the influencer should be aligned with this advice that will make the promotion of your business natural. And it has become clear after reading this post, that it is paramount to bet on it.

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