Improve SEO for Dropshipping in 5 Steps

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Dropshipping is all the rage among those entrepreneurs with little investment. It is an Ecommerce distribution system in which you do not need stock to be able to ship the products. A wholesaler (dropshipping provider) is responsible for sending orders that have been requested from your online store. Therefore, you will not need stock, or initial investment, or your own warehouse.

Even so, not everything is so simple. The competition in dropshipping is very high and differentiating yourself from your competitors will be essential. For that reason, it is very important to know how to work Local SEO for dropshipping.

In this article we are going to give you some fundamental SEO tips for your dropshipping store to gain positions in the search engines.

Improve SEO Dropshipping in 5 Steps

To Improve SEO for Dropshipping it is Recommended that you Follow These 5 Tips:

1. Study of Suitable Keywords

Before creating the web texts, decide with which keywords you are going to position yourself on the internet. Make a study of keywords and analyze which keywords have more searches and which are easier to position. You will have to assess both metrics to make a decision.

Analyze the keywords with which your competitors are positioned and think if you should position yourself with those same keywords or you can position yourself with similar keywords.

If you don’t know how to use the Google keyword planner, we will explain it to you in the link.

2. Create Product Categories

Although it is an applicable advice for any ecommerce, in dropshipping it can take on even more importance. The creation of product categories and the optimization of texts on these pages will serve to attract more traffic to the online store. Product category pages usually have more visits than product pages, so working on the keywords in each of the categories is essential.

It is important that the text of each category is original and unique, you should not replicate texts of product descriptions or other pages of your store.

3. Title and Description of the Products

As we mentioned before, if you create a dropshipping store it is very important that you differ from competitors. Dropshipping providers usually have several customers, so your same products are sold on other websites at very similar prices. This type of suppliers usually gives you the names and descriptions of all the products you are going to sell. Even so, if you don’t want the description to be the same as your competitors show, it is recommended that you create your own description for each product. This description must contain the keyword you want to position.

On the other hand, the H1 of the page must also include the keyword with which you want to position that product.

If you decide not to change the descriptions, Google is likely to detect your content as duplicate content, hindering its positioning in the SERP’s.

4. Product Photographs

In the same way as with the product descriptions, the photographs you will receive from the dropshipping provider will be identical to those of all your competitors. Therefore, we recommend you to retouch them or take new photos that add value to your website.

5. Create Content on the Blog

In order to reach the top positions in the search engines and to position new keywords related to your business, it is recommended that your store include a blog.

In the Blog you can Create Content About your sector: Talk about trends, current affairs, answer frequently asked questions or provide tips and advice to your customers.

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