The software of professional art could be expensive. It might cost a few hundred dollars for using the same. The buying of these tools would only worth if you are being paid well in the industry. However, for people who are new to the industry and are working as beginners these tools are surely not the best option to select. These beginners are mostly looking to access the free downloadable art programs that are found online. These programs firstly are free and can make you have the learning to be done through these. However, none of the single programs are designed in a way that will make all the targets to be achieved for the illustrators. But getting to downloading several programs can make a robust toolset for the beginners. Here are a few programs that can make the perfect robust toolset for you.

  • GIMP

It is one of the most powerful freeware bitmap art programs. It makes a number of functions of Photoshop to be replicated as per the standards of industry of arts. It could be used for Linux, Mac, and PC. For people who have the contemplations on using Photoshop, there is a user interface that can make the user make the layout to look similar to Photoshop. However, a few drawbacks of this tool is that it is not applicable to all digital mediums. Moreover, it does not allow the user to save the file in CMYK format which is considered to be the standard in the print industry.

  • Art Weaver

 This is an alternative of GIMP. It has more friendly user interfaces which are similar to Photoshop as well as they could be dealt with different layer, brushes, and gradient. Moreover, as mentioned the drawbacks of GIMP was that it does not offer the CMYK support which was solved in the Art Weaver and it has made the same to be offered. However, there is also a drawback of Art Weaver is that it could be used with Window based computers only.

  • Peacock Color Picker

This is the best tool to make you art work have made digitally. This tool can make you contemplate on coloring through the best colors that will not make the bright hues to be missed while the printing of the artwork. Most of the times when you color with a tool it saves the file in RGB and then it is printed in CMYK which makes the quality to be decreased but this does not happen with the print when you color your digital artwork with Peacock color picker tool.

  • Inkscape

This is like the free version of Adobe Illustrator. This is used to layout the designs as well as make the vector image to be created from a bitmap art image. This program could be used to make the lines to be clear and smoother. This could be really effective when you are working on the kid’s books illustration projects.

  • PrimoPDF

This is one of its kind tool that allows you to convert the images and documents into Adobe Acrobat documents. Here you can make the changes to the images through this software which could then be used to make different projects to be achieved. The only drawback of this tool is that it has usability only on PCs and cannot be used elsewhere. This is one of the reasons that people use it for only specific purposes.

Individually these tools might not make you have the best of the benefits and could not use a single tool to complete an entire project but if you make a tool set of these software or tools you can probably make all of your projects to be done effectively. This is why these have been listed together.


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