It is not new that the area of Information Technology in the company ceased to be only a center of cost reduction to become a strategic part to leverage business and occupy strategic market niches, in addition to defining long-term plans. However, many companies still look at the area as just a support, a support. The lack of understanding of the real benefits that technology can bring to the client’s business continues to be a serious obstacle when buying or selling an IT solution.

To change that vision, the attitude of the IT team makes all the difference, to show how important that sector is for a company. That will only be possible if the team dominates the business, the area for which IT works and if there is some type of investment in the people who will execute that service, both in training and gaps analysis, to see where errors and successes occur.

The job of selling IT services is different from selling other services, because many times the internal officers of a company offer their own IT services. For that, it is necessary that the service offered goes beyond expectations, in addition to the assumption or foreseeable. That they are solutions and planning many times not even thought by the employer, but that they bring greater productivity and profit for the company.

To enter this market, strategies such as spending plans, preferences for channels, marketing, segmentation, among other essential points for the success of the IT solution bands are necessary. Observe market opportunities such as: market information, in addition to growth projections for technology consumption in the market.

Knowing what the competitors are offering and proposing, there is a technological intelligence, having IT providers that offer market data about how to plan, advertise in the market, in order to align with a new economic discipline and new behaviors of purchase to be able to be successful in the market.

Showing the new customers the excellent results offered to the customers of the resale of IT is very valid, but they will also want to know how flexible the service is to satisfy their own needs. When a service is sold – something that is not palpable – whoever offers the service ends up being the product. Thus, establishing credibility is crucial for closing the sale.

It is necessary not only to establish the benefits of the service that is being offered, but also the value of the provision of that service. Many companies believe that technologies, in the way they are offered today, are satisfactory to meet the most urgent IT demands. However, it is necessary to improve the strategic issues to achieve business growth, and it is necessary that the attitude of IT providers is proactive, effective and enlightening.

In the current days, it is essential that those who offer IT services have a broader vision to understand the strategic needs of clients, transforming all that understanding and knowledge into business opportunities. The reality is that managers have been pressured so that the IT area brings, in fact, palpable and positive results for companies.

In this sense, understanding the client’s business, such as the challenges to which the IT manager is subject and the results the company expects from it, are fundamental issues so that it can draw an aligned product or service offer. with the expectations of return for the business of the company.

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