Tips to save your cell phone battery

It seems that when we need our mobile phone most we cannot use it because it has run out of battery. That’s why we share some recommendations to save your cell phone battery. The reality is that there are several reasons why your cell phone is unloaded. One of them is that the batteries are lithium-ion batteries that charge fast and have a compact design. These are generally batteries and they are mad and one thing more these types of batteries’ performance drop down with very quickly.

Some of the recommendations to save your cell phone battery are:

1. Adjust the brightness of your screen

In settings you will find the option to decrease the light intensity of your screen, this will make you spend little energy from your computer.

2. Adapt the right volume of your equipment

The sounds consume your cell phone battery, to save your cell phone battery it is recommended that you deactivate the sound of the notifications of your apps. If you want to listen to music try not to be the maximum volume and if possible use headphones.

3. Close applications that you are not using

This depends on the type of system of your cell phone, each one has a way to close the applications in a different way. Each application consumes battery from the moment it is opened. Another tip is to turn off the notifications so they do not remain active in the background. Such as Facebook notifications; they will be notifications about a social network where you will not lose anything with opening it every so often, preventing the notification from being activated upon arrival.

4. Disable the Internet connection

Computers use too much power to connect to a Wi-Fi network or maintain a stable connection to the Internet. This happens in case you find yourself in a place with little signal or if several people try to connect to a public network. That’s why to save your cell phone’s battery it’s convenient to disable mobile data if you know you do not need it and have it activated when you know you have a good connection.

5. Disables the GPS service

Several applications, possibly without you noticing, use your location as data to provide a better service. Like the Internet connection, relocation demands the consumption of your battery. You can deactivate it from settings while you do not need it.

6. Avoid exposing or low temperatures

Lithium batteries do not work well when they are subjected to extreme temperatures because the ions they contain eventually erode the material causing charging cycles to last less. You can control this situation so that the battery has a better life.

7. Make small charges

Regarding small charges there are small change of concept, since the old equipment required that the load was exhausted and then charge the cell completely. The new batteries respond better by performing small charges and not allowing the battery to run out. It is also good practice to have a space; it could be in the same place where the keys are placed for our mobiles and charges. In this way we will consider charging the battery upon our return.

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