Repair your iPad

Many of us have had problems when we or failures, which permanently disabled our iOS devices. Probably, right now you have problems, with your iPhone or iPad when your iPad Screen Stuck on Apple Logo. That they have made it difficult for you, the interaction with it when you thinking to Repair your iPad.

Regarding issues when your iPad Screen Stuck on Apple Logo, and your device not working and permanently stuck on Apple Log than we invite you to continue reading this interesting and useful article, to find the solution to these frequent problems to Repair your iPad.

We know that Apple’s support recommends that when the iPhone or iPad present this type of «Locks» such a problems like iPad Screen Stuck on Apple Logo. The user will have to force the device to reboot, or proceed to connect the device to their computer, to put it into recovery mode. Many of these, or step-by-step, procedures have been favorable. However, there is a significant percentage of users, who so far have not been able to solve the episodic problem.

As we already mentioned, this is a frequent problem among Apple devices. That most of them have disabled the proper functioning of the devices. And that on the other hand, they have represented costly repairs for many others.

Dr. Fone describes that the appearance of a blank screen with the Apple logo, including the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, is known as “The White Screen of Death”. This can be caused by different factors ranging from hardware or software problems, accidental drops, to manufacturing failures.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing people with the best programs and services, the Dr. Fone program currently has 50,000,000 satisfied users in more than 190 countries in the world. The immediate results show us that Dr. Fone – iOS System Recovery can can solve issues when your iPad Screen Stuck on Apple Logo . It is the best provider of mobile solutions for our users.

How to Solve the Problem of your Device?

When the iPad or iPhone gets stuck with the Apple logo. Permanent freezing of the screen will occur; therefore, the device will stop responding.

This will prevent the user from navigating to a different screen and eventually leave him trapped on the same screen, for hours and even days.

Step 1: The first step to follow will be to analyze the problem and identify the reasons behind this problem. Usually this glitch occurs when the iOS software is experiencing downtime. However, corrupted applications, files, and data could also be causing similar problems.

Step 2: Force restart your iPad; the fault will disappear. And later, it will help you fix most iOS problems in a few seconds. But there is another way to combat the problem of the Apple screen, safely and without losing your data.

Part 3: Dr. Fone Software Toolkit – iOS System Recovery will allow you to complete this process. Currently they offers a free trial version for all those who want to test its features and understand how it works.

Recovery Process with Dr. Fone – iOS System Recovery

  • Download and run the toolkit.
  • Then select “System Recovery”, to repair the iPad stuck in Apple screen problem
  • This is the most important step in the whole process when your repair your iPad, in which you will need to put your iPad in DFU mode. The method of starting an iPad in DFU mode is similar to that of an iPhone. So please follow the instructions in the screenshot below.
  • Go back to the PC now. In the Toolkit interface, enter your iPad model number.
  • Wait for the software to install on your iPad, which will take a few minutes, so please wait patiently.
  • Once the latest firmware is downloaded and installed on your iPad, the toolkit will begin its work, to fix the Apple logo bug.
  • When the toolkit has finished fixing your iDevice. It will start automatically, without presenting the blank screen and with the Apple logo.

Note: We recommend the Dr. Fone toolkit – iOS System Recovery, because it is easy to use and intuitive. Also, this software helps to download and install the latest version of iOS, therefore we have an updated device that will help to solve later problems.

To conclude, we hope this article has provided you with the right solution, to easily identify and repair your device.


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