How to publish content on your LinkedIn profile successfully

The professional social network LinkedIn has 500 million members in 200 countries, so determining the best time to publish content does not seem easy. We provide you with the best keys to succeed in this aspect and reach your target.

Using it in the right way, LinkedIn is a very valuable digital tool to get a job, position yourself as an expert in your sector, attract readers and carry out networking actions. Surely on several occasions you have asked at what time or on what days it is better to publish content that receives feedback and attracts the attention of your circle of contacts. Today, we help you solve this question.

Although there is no single answer, LinkedIn has recently shared some recommendations to determine the best time to publish your content. If you join these keys together with other recommended practices to enrich and complete your profile you will be able to distinguish yourself from the competition and demonstrate your value in front of your ideal audience. We give you some fundamental keys to set the best time of publication:

Web Analytics: It is important that you use Google Analytics to determine the location of your audience, account for the time zones in which your target is online and in this way, test content and see what works best. From LinkedIn they emphasize that “most users visit the platform when they have time to interact with the content. Our own internal analytics show that user activity increases in the morning before work, again around lunch time, and also early in the evening. “

Specific niche audience: To be more effective, it is important to address a specific audience and include the name of the professional sector and the specific position in the titles of the posts or blog articles. The hyper-localized approach will help you segment highly specialized content that will easily reach the audience of interest. An example would be “3 ways in which business coaches can take advantage of online video to attract new customers”.

In the titles is the key: In addition to the time of day and week, which you must experiment and monitor with the help of analytics, it is important to call attention through careful titles. From LinkedIn point to the following formula to title: “The name of your target + Service that you offer + Benefit that you want to obtain”. In this way, you’re free and quality content can be used as a personalized marketing approach, which will boost traffic, increase your newsletter subscribers or your followers in other social networks and improve the confidence of your readers.

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