How to make money with Internet? Great ideas with a low budget

Everyone knows that the Internet is full of pages with ideas to make money. Some promise to get results immediately, while others show stories of winners who are earning large amounts without doing anything. If this is what you are looking for, here you will not find it. Actually, make money with internet is possible, but do not expect magic recipes or get anything for free. Here are a few ways to earn income without having to invest too much money, although it will take some time.

1. Advertise a service blog

If you want to make money with your blog, the first thing you have to do is offer something that interests the public. Find a niche market that has demand and start creating quality content. Then, from time to time you can create a post in which you offer your services. If the rest of the content shows that you know what you are talking about, you will attract customers who will pay for them.

At first it will be difficult for users to read to you, so you can create a campaign to attract traffic. Look for a digital marketing agency specializing in resources such as AdWords, where you can appear on the results pages while you work in a natural way you’re positioning.

2. Do online surveys

This is possibly one of the best known ways to make money online. The good thing about them is that you will not have to spend anything and you can easily earn income. You just have to register and wait for the surveys to reach your email inbox.

The amounts that can be earned are relatively low, and sometimes you will not meet the profile sought by those who create the surveys. Although the idea of makeextra money with Internet from home, simply taking a few minutes to say whether something you like or not, is the most striking. Also, the more time you spend and the more surveys you can do, the more income you will get.

3. Create a page to sell affiliate product

Another of the most common ways to make money with Internet is affiliate. More and more companies offer commissions for selling their products through blogs, stores and other websites. The only thing you have to do is register on one of the pages and place on your site the link that you will be provided. Well, you will also have to be able to promote the product and get the public to buy it. In return, you will not have to have a warehouse, nor will you create the products that you are going to sell.

4. Sell yourself as an expert in something

If you have knowledge about a subject, you can take advantage to offer others your experience. It can be a company that needs someone who is responsible for creating content on your website, or individuals who are willing to pay for someone to teach them to do something, such as creating your website or making a piece of furniture. You can find some ideas here: How to earn money as a freelancer?

4. Take photographs and sell them in a bank of images

Although the banks of free images are used a lot, there are those who prefer to pay for having original and high quality photographs. This is a good opportunity to dust off your camera and go outside, capturing scenes that you can then upload to one of the banks of premium images that offer money for them. The more and better photographs you have, the greater the chances of earning income. And if you also like photography, you will earn money to enjoy a hobby. The idea does not sound bad, right?

5. Sell things that you no longer use

Take a look at your closets or storage rooms. You will see that there are many things that are accumulating dust and occupying space. You may be thinking of throwing them away, but it is better that you offer them on a page of second-hand items. You can get rid of all those junk you do not use and make money. And if something is not sold, you can always throw it away without costing anything to have tried.

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