How to Make Money with a Blog or How to Monetize It Effectively

Creating a free blog or a professional blog is an incredible experience. You have your own space on the net where you can express your ideas and opinions. And help people solve their doubts with your knowledge.

And, if you’re running, you can make it a good source of passive income. Keep reading this article so you know how to make money with a blog.

How to make money with a blog: first steps

While it is true that getting to have your blog is not an easy task, finding a way to make money through it is the opposite.

The first thing you should know is:

It is not at all limiting the theme of your space on the network. But if this does not position well or does not have a good SEO, then you will be starting with the left foot.

This task is not as simple as many people might think. It takes time, dedication and effort to get your website to have a good SEO.

But do not be scared! If you have no idea about how SEO works or how to better position your page, I can help you with that.

If you already have a space that has a very good job concerning search engine optimization, congratulations! You are halfway there.

You have already achieved the most difficult part of this process, and it is time to start seeing the fruits of your work.

Contrary to popular belief, AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are not the only ways to generate revenue through a webspace. Notice.

And remember…

How to monetize a blog in 6 different ways

Yes, there are many ways to earn money for a single blog; but you have nothing to worry about. After all, it’s not like you’re going to use them all at once. Unless you want to complicate the existence…

The idea here is to read calmly what each one is about. So that you can combine with a specific method and you can get the best possible without suffering in the attempt.

So, how to make money with a blog? Let’s see…

How to earn money with a website and Google AdSense

The reason why it is in our first place is that, in my opinion, it is the easiest of all.

It consists of placing ads in a visible space on your page. So that each time one of your visitors clicks on them, enter money into your pocket. And that’s it!

You will not have to worry about making a monetary investment. You will only have to place the advertising banners and sit down to wait.

Although there are many pay-per-click ad networks, Google AdSense is preferred by the vast majority.

Its functionality is completely excellent, and it has many fewer faults than the rest of the networks of this type.

Another reason for its popularity is that it is extremely easy to sign up for it.

For this, it will be necessary to go to this link and start filling in a short form. Google will check your account information. And if everything goes smoothly, your account will be approved in less than 48 hours.

Once you have your approved account, you will be ready to start inserting advertising blocks into your blog.

Best of all concerning AdSense is that you only worry about inserting the block in your space.

This advertising system will be in charge of selecting the ads that appear in your space.

The task of Google AdSense is to locate inherent content in your space so that the ads are interesting for your visitors. And be tempted to click without thinking twice.

It is no surprise to anyone that it is the most popular way to earn money through a web page. It’s easy, simple and without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to get it.

CPA advertising

Even though this way of getting money through your website works almost the same as the first one; for many, it is not an option to consider. So, understandably, it does not have the same level of popularity.

The acronym CPA stands for Cost Per Action, and they also require advertisements in a visible space on your portal.

When one of the users who browse through your posts clicks on one of the ads, they will be redirected to a landing page.

Suppose you have a blog where you post cooking recipes. Other cooking blogs, such as a professional chef’s page, may appear in ads.

If one of your visitors clicks on any of these ads, they will have to take an action on the page to which they are redirected.

Normally, you need to register on that blog or enter a few personal information to subscribe to the information plan and only after the user has clicked on the link of your blog and has completed the corresponding action on the destination page; you will get your part of the deal.

If for any reason the user you sent to any page does not complete the action, you will not generate income. Of course, this is not at all pleasant. And much less profitable for most sites on the Internet.

But do not be alarmed, surely there is a niche in which this method works wonders.

One of them is the pages of self-help or personal fulfillment. Because in most of them you must subscribe to get free guides and better life plans. So, if there is an interesting site among the advertisements; your users likely perform the process successfully.

 Try a private advertiser

You will not lose prestige by placing ads in your space. After all, and if you can tell, most blogs have ads. So it is something perfectly normal.

So, how to make money with a web page using this method? In the same way as the rest.

It’s also about placing visible and eye-catching ads on your website. Only this way is somewhat exclusive.

You will rent the ad units that you have available. As you will have to do it on your own, the process is a bit more tedious. Although it may be better rewarded.

This way of monetizing your web page is not at all convenient for those who just start with a web page.

Sooner or later you will have to show your space as a portfolio. And your potential customers will be fixed more than anything in the traffic of visits and the SEO of your blog. So, if it’s a new page, you will not have much to show. Which means you’re less likely to rent your blocks.

Which does not benefit the new Internet sites.

On the other hand; if you have a site with trajectory and good traffic; You can start contacting your customers.

Write them an email or call them by phone to get them to receive your message. And consider that they should be pages of the same theme as yours. So that your client’s page is interesting to your users and your page looks more professional.

You should not leave aside the possibility that customers may contact you.

If you have an excellent job with the SEO of your website; You have likely caught the attention of many. And surely, they will want to pay you to advertise their spaces.

The famous affiliate marketing

We are not leaving aside the issue of advertising. And although it is repetitive, it is one of the best ways to earn money WordPress Blog. Although it works perfectly anywhere else.

Affiliate marketing works almost identically as CPA advertising. The only difference is that the action that the user must perform is to buy something on the destination page.

Do not count on subscribing to a free plan, joining the newsletter or filling out forms.

The key here is that the user buys any product or service on the page to which it has been sent. You may subscribe to a paid plan, buy a book or clothes.

The clothing and electronics pages are excellent for this. Especially when they are in the season of offers.

Your role will be that of an intermediary. You will be promoting, no longer a web page, but a product or service.

And once the person who has used your link has paid to receive what your client offers, you will get a commission. Very similar to how travel agencies work, but on the Internet.

If you want to know how to make money with a blog in this way, you will have to do the following:

  1. Register as an affiliate.
  2. Create special links with your identifier that point to the page of the product or service you want to promote.
  3. Place those links in your blog.

Wait for readers to click on the links and buy the product or pay for the service to get your commission.

If what worries you is where the money you have won with this method is going to stop. At the end of the month, it is sent directly to your checking account.

Sell your products!

For many, it may not be the best option, due to the work and effort required to create a personal brand. But if you are a creative and cunning person, taking advantage of it in this way is the best you can do.

Suppose you are very good at drawing and know the techniques and the process of sublimation. Then you can print your creative designs on shirts, sweaters, bags, mugs, and much more!

It is something that requires an initial investment, clearly, but you can get better profits from it.

Everything will depend on the quality of your product.

If you decide to sell poor quality merchandise or offer unhelpful services; then it’s probably not going so well for you.

The rumor will quickly spread that your products are defective or break down in a short time. Or your clients may not be completely satisfied with the service you have rendered them. And surely they will let the rest of the people know.

For obvious reasons, a negative review is not something convenient for your space. And much less if what you want is to sell something. So you will have to work hard to give the best of you through what you sell.

This is the only way to make this type of business stable, safe and lasting. What will make it one of the best online businesses in history?

It does not matter if you decide to sell socks or accommodation at your family’s inn. The key to this is that you know how to distinguish what you are selling from other similar products.

Basic knowledge of marketing and sales will not always be enough. There are times when you will need the help of a little charisma to convince the client.

Publish your company on the Internet

If you want to know how to make money with a blog in this way, it is important that you know that this is not something that everyone can do. Unless they have their own company.

The first thing you will need to be able to generate income in this way is a real company. That works outside the Internet.

A good example of this type of company would be a financial institution; a spa or a pastry shop

It is not only about generating advertising for your existing company. You can also sell your products through the site you are creating. This way you will have a reach to many more people and an increase in the level of profits.

As a fundamental part, it is important that both the management and the employees from a good team. Otherwise, your business may not go so well; which will not please your customers.

If you keep your employees satisfied, they will take care of satisfying customers. What will generate profits and a good reputation?

Take advantage of this and use it to expand through the Internet!

Create a page that is striking and captivating. In which you faithfully expose the purpose of your company and disclose it.

Then, take care of posting entries constantly to increase visitor traffic.

If you do not know what to put in those entries; the advice and clarifications are always a good option.

Considering that most people enter the Internet to clarify their doubts or obtain opinions about a product or service, publishing these types of entries will make your space much more attractive.

If your site is striking, it will have good traffic. And if you have good traffic, your company will have better publicity. What will attract hundreds of customers in a short time?

Take advantage of that user traffic to offer your products, services or advice. And so have extra money through the Internet.


Although many people may think otherwise, monetizing a blog is a simple task.

Yes, you will indeed need time, perseverance and patience. But with the passing of days, you will see all your effort financially rewarded.

Your blog is your own space on the network. In addition to publishing content of interest with which you feel pleasant; it is also possible to obtain income from it.

Choose the way to make a profit with your blog that best suits you. Without leaving aside the style and purpose of your web page.

The different ad networks, the private advertisers and your creativity are just an appetizer.

Make the most of it and dare to think of new ways to earn money online!

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