How to Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

We tell you how you can make money selling your photos on the Internet to image banks, improving your digital portfolio and announcing your services as a freelance. If photography is your thing, do not miss this article.

If you dedicate yourself professionally to photography or you have a talent for this art as a hobby from your camera or smartphone you may be interested in making money with your photos selling images on the Internet.

The online universe has multiplied the possibilities to obtain income with your creations, as well as boost your own business, get clients and have an online portfolio permanently available.

With the rise of digitization and freelance employment, photographers are one of the most demanded professional profiles, as more and more companies and brands need to have paid image banks and personalized photographs in line with their graphic personality.

Buying quality photographs can supply the demand for content on their blogs, web pages, and social channels.

The best sites and online platforms to sell your photos online

You may want to dedicate yourself specifically to a niche market as a photographer, such as weddings, travel, decoration or indoor photography. But in addition, you can sell your photographs and make money with your photos in the following platforms and web pages:

Twenty20: If you want to sell your photos, you can do it on this platform, once called Instacanvas and linked to the Instagram social network. The team of experts will review the quality of your images, which you can import from various hosting services in the cloud and if they approve your work, you can earn 40% of the cost of the photo if customers acquire it through a subscription plan and a 32% if it is a single photo sale.

Fotolia: It belongs to Adobe and is one of the most interesting microstock platforms to sell your photos, along with Adobe Stock, also owned by it. As indicated on your website, you will receive a commission for each image or video sold, determined by your rank and your exclusivity options chosen: for the contents sold with your credit system you will receive between 20% and 63% of the price of sale, while for subscriptions you will receive 33% of the sale price of the image.

Getty Images Affiliates: Pioneer in quality photo archives, for this portal you must send your images to one of its four basic departments: creative / advertising, filmmakers / moving images, news/sports/ entertainment and archiving. Note that the photographs must be sent as TIFF files of 47.5-52, uncompressed, with 24-bit RGB color in 8 bits per channel, free of ownership and model. It has several affiliated portals such as Getty Images, iStock, ThinkStock or, so you can benefit from the sale of your photos on various platforms.

Dreamstime: Anyone can be a member of their community and sell their photos, images and/or videos. You just have to create an account and upload your files, since the company works as an agency that sells quality images to professionals. You can receive an amount of 25-50% for each transaction, which is calculated based on the net amount of sale. Exclusive files receive an additional 10%, while exclusive contributors enjoy 60% for all sales and an additional bonus of 0.20 $ for each approved file.

Shutterstock: It is one of the most famous photo payment banks in the world, as well as a large global market for artists and creators to sell free images, videos, vectors, and illustrations in more than 150 countries. You can upload your material, both images and video clips and vector designs and get income for them. Do not miss his blog, where valuable resources for photographers abound as a forum to share experiences, editing techniques, and expert advice. The retribution depends on many factors such as the subscription of the user who purchases the photo or the license. The minimum is 25 cents, up to 30% of the price of the photo, with a maximum of 120 dollars per photo).

DepositPhotos: Another stock image service in which you can create your user account, upload your photos and earn money. As an addition, you must pass a test before publishing your images, videos or vector designs to make them available to the users of DepositPhotos, who go through previous quality control. The earnings depend on your level as a contributor, a scale that is set according to the number of downloads you generate. In the case of photos purchased on-demand, the margin is between 34% and 42%, while in the photos purchased by subscription, a fixed price between 30 and 35 cents.

Snapwire: This online platform connects photographers from all over the world who want to sell their material online with users who want to buy different photos than those that are usually in the banks of paid images. If you work on this platform you can accept photographic challenges and special requests from clients or use it as a showcase for your photographs as a normal profile in which they buy them. In the first case, you will get benefits of 70% and in the second, of 50%. Also, you keep the copyright.

Scoopshot: Unlike the others, it is designed to upload photographs from your Android or iPhone smartphone, incorporating it into the platform store. If someone uses your image in an online advertisement, as part of the Scoopshot advertising network, you will also receive a percentage of benefits. Another point is that customers can request tasks and orders.

Alamy: One of the biggest advantages is that they give you 50% of the profits, although the prices are set by them and the average is around 90 dollars per image. They accept practically any kind of photo in relation to the subject. They have a special program for students, to which they pay 100% of the price of the photo.

EyeEM: With a version for iPhone and Android, the EyeEM platform focuses, like other mentioned, on the sale of photos from your mobile device, although you can also do it from your website. Among its characteristics, you can accept “missions” of the brands to increase your profits, the distribution of profits is equitable (50% for each), and you keep your copyright and also allow you to sell through other image agencies, increasing your visibility.

Clashot: It belongs to DepositPhotos but in a mobile version, it is available for both iPhone and Android. You can sell your photos directly from the mobile on the platform, as long as they comply with simple quality standards. The percentages of earnings, as explained on their website, range between 50 cents and 80 dollars.

And as an extra, do not miss some recommendations when selling your photographs online: try not to abound the presence of brands and logos within your photographs – due to copyright – get the express consent of people who they appear in the photo, label your photograph with the appropriate keywords, renew your photographic equipment regularly, get ready in photo editing and post production and specialize in a specific niche.

It should be noted that some of the most popular photographs are those of people in action -work, family, appointments, etc-, babies, pets, music, tattoos, flowers and nature, professionals, events, and food, as well as backgrounds, texture and decoration. Take good note! Doing a good job and having a complete portfolio distributed on the net you can benefit from economic feedback thanks to the portals selling images that abound in our times.

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