Haven’t you been able to master marketing in your business yet? The reason for being of any company, whatever its size, is to produce quality goods and services that meet the needs of its customers, while obtaining profits and benefits, that is, being profitable, for this purpose it is essential to rational use of techniques.

Among these resources is marketing, understanding that this discipline is oriented to the analysis of the behavior of markets and consumers.

At present, in a globalized and highly competitive world, every company that intends to achieve its objectives must have a marketing plan. The realization of this plan requires acquiring and internalizing marketing techniques efficiently and thus optimizing the benefits of the company.

What is marketing?

For those who want to undertake and still do not relate to the term, Marketing (of the English market) market, is the set of processes that facilitate creating and delivering exchange offers of certain goods and / or services, with a value for consumers, companies and society in general.

In other words, it focuses on publicizing the economic and commercial activities of a company or person, identifying how it can meet the needs of the consumer.

Learn to dominate the market through the marketing plan

A well executed marketing plan will allow us to dominate the market, for this it is necessary to understand and keep in mind the following points.

A first condition for achieving this domain is that your company has a clear vision of its objective, which means having a clear idea of ​​its mission.

You must be clear to which audience your activity is directed, you need to adapt the appropriate means to achieve the goals you have set. Use computer technologies (ICT), social networks, media, writings and television.

It is a truth of Perogrullo that competitiveness can be rude therefore every company that wants to dominate in the market must also know and understand the strategies and behaviors of rival companies.

The society is intrinsically plural meaning that there are different tastes, customs and desires, you need to divide (segment) the different potential customers for your company, the ideal of a marketing plan is that you manage to include strategies that customize each target group .

Every action plan and in particular a marketing plan requires monitoring, evaluation, review and adjustment to adapt it continuously and systematically to the ends. This is nothing more than an intensive use of instrumental rationality but this rationality must be accompanied by practical rationality (ethics). An ideal marketing plan must combine these two rationales, allowing a mastery of marketing for the purposes of the company, such as: Maximize profits and produce greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing learning, like any other learning in any discipline, requires perseverance, dedication and an appropriate knowledge of the context in which it operates; this learning must be critical and reflexive.

Most used marketing strategies

To learn to master the marketing for our business is a necessary condition, although not enough the use of marketing strategies. Next, I will name some of the marketing strategies most used by companies:

Interruption Marketing: This is one of the most used types of marketing in the media. It consists in drawing the user’s attention by interrupting their activity to offer something striking that captures their attention.

Permission Marketing: This way of marketing is not as invasive as interrupt marketing. This is basically to attract potential consumers by offering content and material of interest.

Sponsorship Marketing: It is one of the most used by companies; it is a way of advertising indirectly. It consists of sponsoring events, sports teams, videos, conferences or spaces.

Ads on web pages: It is very common to find on the internet some advertisements on one side of the web, but there are also more invasive ads that obstruct the content you are reading, as is the case of pop-ups. This is a very common way that companies are using to do advertising marketing on web pages.

Search engine optimization: In this marketing class, the necessary strategies are used to position a brand in the first results of a search engine. The optimization of Internet search engines is technically called SEO and is part of every Digital Marketing strategy.

The world of companies and businesses is highly competitive. The profit motive could lead a company to practices at odds with morality.

The most profitable for a company is ethics, and this happens by developing marketing strategies where truth and transparency are its guides. A marketing strategy cannot and should not promote misleading offers. The primary objective of a company should be to keep its customers satisfied.


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