How to create a good Content Marketing strategy for your blog

I present you 5 things that you should keep in mind before creating your strategy to position with Content Marketing:

Focus your public Goal:

My first advice is that you should focus and clearly define your audience. For whom you write, how and who your reader is. Focus on people interested in your sector or market niche and write in a language consistent with your level of understanding and always contributing value.

To know what your target audience is, use Google Analytics. There you will be able to see in the demographic reports what age, gender and interests your real audience has. That is, how they are, where they are and what is the behavior and linkage of the people who visit your website. You will also be able to know what your web behavior is and what your interests are.

If you want to know more about this topic, I recommend this post: How to improve your Google Adwords campaigns with Google Analytics, there you will learn to activate demographic reports and get the most out of Google Analytics about your audience (age, gender, location, interests, navigation, loyalty, et


2. Focus on the needs of your audience:

Try to get away from the commercial content and focus on how you can contribute content that responds to the needs of your audience. Plan what is the best format (a post, a video, a tutorial, an ebook, etc.) and start answering the most frequently asked questions with the answers they need.

3. Do a study of frequent Searches in your sector:

You should do a study on what are the most frequently asked questions and questions of your audience, what are the most sought after terms in your sector (I will explain later). And based on it, create content that responds in a comprehensive and effective way to your questions.

4. Find the best formats for communication:

As explained in the Content Marketing Guide, you should look for the most suitable formats for your audience and develop them technically so that your readers and Google excel in their favorite content.

5. Create the best value content

Finally, the most important step: apply to how to create and structure that content to be useful and add value, a very great value for your audience.

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