How Much Does Microsoft Pay To Ethical Hackers Who Detect Security Holes?

We tell you how much Microsoft pays to ethical hackers who detect vulnerabilities in their software through the HackerOne rewards program, founded in 2012.

It is not a well-known profession and it may not be the most stable profession in the world. But the truth is that the bounty hunters of the cybernetic arena (bug bounties) can get to pocket a good amount of money looking for errors in the software of the main technology companies.

For example, last year an ethical hacker won $ 113,000 for detecting a single vulnerability, according to Bugcrowd. And some of the most awakened minds in these struggles can be made with up to half a million dollars a year, adding different milestones of more or less draft.

One of the most active companies in this field is Microsoft, which in 2018 paid more than two million dollars in rewards to hackers who found errors or security holes in their solutions and services. It may seem a lot of money, but you have to put this amount in a very clear context: How much would it have cost the multinational deal with threats that could have evolved from failing to detect those failures?

Those of Redmond have been betting on this cybersecurity model opened since 2014, through an initiative called Online Services Bug Bounty Program. But, in order to further boost this strategy, Microsoft has decided to articulate its rewards programs on a global scale through the HackerOne platform.

HackerOne was founded in 2012 by Michael Prins, Jobert Abma and Merijn Terheggen and Microsoft’s alliance with this alliance will allow Satya Nadella and his men improve their offer more incentives and payment arrangements ethical hackers.

For example, bounty hunters may receive payments through PayPal or directly to their bank account in more than 30 countries around the world. They may also receive cryptocurrencies for their work, although Microsoft did not disclose which cryptocurrencies will be used in the framework of this initiative.

In addition, the premiums offered by Microsoft are also being increased significantly. A few months ago, the company raised the maximum awards $ 15,000 to $ 50,000 rewards for Windows Insider Preview, while increased the reward for the Microsoft Cloud Program (Azure, Office 365 and the like) 15,000 to $ 20,000.

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