When you ask yourself, how much does an SEO audit cost? You are already at the level of knowing the importance it has before launching yourself with the web positioning of your website. You have already entered the correct path. Through this post, I try to provide you with all the possible rates that you will find and that will allow you to choose the most beneficial option.

It is vital to make an in-depth analysis of our project to know what mistakes you have and the actions to resolve those errors. It is essential to start doing things correctly to avoid major problems. The construction of a house begins with the foundations, not the roof, as here.

Before getting down to work you should know that there are audits that for € 150 is expensive for the services they analyze and you can find another € 2000 that frankly is very good for everything they do. The price should not be a priority when choosing a freelance SEO consultant.

CMS format

The vast majorities of web pages are made with content management since they shorten the process of designing a web page and help improve web positioning. So it is feasible that we perform an SEO audit, the price will be higher than an online store to the website of a company. We must know the CMS that best suits our business, whether Woocommerce, Prestashop…

In E-commerce, there is a lot of variety of price. There are electronic stores that sell 5 products and others that sell thousands. Hence, the price varies a lot.

URL number

Using logic, a web with 20 URLs cannot cost your audit, just like a 1200 URL. Not a new project created by a freelance web designer that a site that is penalized for using Black Hat SEO techniques and the corresponding Google algorithm, will have given you a blow.

Time used in the SEO audit

At this point, I would like to have an impact on it. Although it seems very clear, obvious, etc. I already tell you that people are not so clear about it.

Doing an SEO audit will never be as long as another project. Everyone, I mentioned before you have their particularities.

The freelance SEO consultant will charge you for hours, not on a whim. But each project demands a series of things. The price per hour is usually between € 40-100 per hour. Also depending on experience and a thousand other factors.

You must be clear that a website audit will be cheaper in a freelance SEO consultant than in an agency. Mainly because of the agency, you have many more expenses, local, light, software, equipment, tools, personnel … However, the SEO consultant does not have those expenses so the price will be much more economical.

Likewise, the treatment will not be the same. For them, you are one more client and for the freelance, no. He will pamper your project as if it were his. Likewise, he will be the first interested in your project starting to fly. If you grow, he grows.

I have a portfolio with clients, who are perfectly in the top positions of organic searches. So I can get it with your project without any problem. Get in touch with me, do not waste time!


It will not cost the same thing a web project in a language as a site in several languages. We must be clear that previously cost us more the design of an online store, as is logical.

Normally, it costs us more the audit since they are many more URL and it makes that very carefully.

Tasks to be carried out

We reach a critical point and especially important, some projects require many more tasks than others that can be applied a basic SEO price, since we will perform the most common tasks.

Let’s define what are the most common tasks in SEO On Page and SEO Off-Page.

SEO On Page tasks

When we talk about SEO On Page, we are referring to the optimizations that can be made on the page, so that your result in organic searches is better. Entering into the matter there are many parameters to review but I made a selection of the most important.

Indexing of your website. Check that our site is indexed in the search engines and that if any page is missing, there is no error with the sitemap, robots, web spider.

  • Use of keywords.
  • Review the cannibalization of keywords.
  • Load speed
  • Optimization of the access file.
  • SSL certificate
  • Optimization title and description.
  • Size and optimization images.
  • Internal linking of the web.
  • Titles of the images.
  • Mobile First, responsive design and AMP.
  • Labels and Meta tags.
  • Penalties that the web has suffered.
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3 …).
  • Architecture and hierarchy of the website.
  • Duplicate content.
  • User experience

SEO tasks Off-Page

It is one of the most difficult tasks of an SEO audit. We must know what tasks are part of it, to know the price of how much SEO audit costs with a freelance SEO consultant. Guide for Off-Page Seo

  • Strategy to share the best texts on our website.
  • Interaction in different social networks.
  • The domain authority of each page of the website.
  • Most linked pages.
  • Review links in Google My Business and Google Place.
  • Structure of incoming links (backlinks).
  • If there are toxic links, send the disavow.
  • That there are no broken links.
  • Greater visibility and notoriety.
  • Attract qualified visitors from various sources.
  • Analysis of anchor.
  • Have a real link building strategy.
  • Check the codes 5xx, 4xx, 3xx.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

In short, knowing how much SEO audit costs depends on many factors as we have been checking. If our web page design has been developed correctly by the freelance web designer, we can earn a lot.

Even so, before starting with the SEO positioning of our project, an audit must be carried out to see the status we are in before starting the fight of the positions…

We must bear in mind that we wonder how much SEO audit costs, the price will be very uneven if our project in an online store or a corporate page.

Contact a good SEO consultant, it is essential for us to communicate all the errors that are on the site and we can solve them.


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