Your business’s success in 2020 depends largely on how much time and effort you invest in search engine optimization. With SEO done right, you don’t need to invest large amounts of money into advertising to grow your business online. Considering its numerous benefits, it is highly recommended to get an in-depth SEO audit before starting a new website and then conduct it regularly, every once in a while. The SEO audit cost varies depending on many factors, like the size of your site, and so does the average timeline of an audit. So, it is essential to understand what these audits include and what affects their pricing before you determine how much an audit will cost you.

SEO audit vs. SEO audit tool

Think of SEO audits as routine maintenance. As mentioned, audits should be done on a regular basis. This is a complete and complex checkup of your website that determines its SEO strengths and weaknesses. Its purpose is to identify and fix all technical SEO issues in order to improve the site’s search engine rankings.

Both SEO audits and SEO audit tools test your site’s SEO strategy, but they operate in different ways. SEO audit tools are usually good at measuring the overall health of a page from an SEO standpoint. An SEO audit tool automatically inspects a web page after you enter your URL. Then, you get a report including the page’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for improving your page’s SEO tactic. On the other hand, a professional SEO audit is an in-depth, customized evaluation of your entire website’s SEO tactic done by professional digital marketers.

Key types of SEO audits

Your SEO audit cost will depend on how detailed the audit is. Most audits involve the following:

Technical website audit

The purpose of a technical audit is to analyze your site’s current state from a technical SEO standpoint. It focuses on things like page loading times, tags, and navigation. However, the audit aims to detect issues like duplicate content or broken links that direct visitors to 404 error pages. The results show which areas need improvement and assess the severity of the problems that need fixing.

Website content audit

This type of audit refers to analyzing the site’s content. Also, the content includes everything from your service pages to your site’s blog. The optimization of the site’s images, title tags, and targeted keywords are some of the elements taken into account. Meanwhile, the goal is to evaluate your content’s current state and reveal any gaps and areas for better targeting.

Competitive website audit

A competitive audit examines both your site and your top competitors’ sites in order to compare them in several aspects. With this information, you can make your site better and beat the competition. The report contains a comparison chart or scorecard that shows your site’s strong and weak points. A competitive audit helps you identify your most competitive keywords and what pages rank well among search results. as a result, analyzing your competitors’ sites allows you to see what they are doing right so you can learn from them.

Link audit

A link audit investigates the quantity and quality of links leading to your website. On the other hand, a complete SEO link audit reviews your website’s link profile, shows the current state of your site, and determines new link opportunities. It also identifies poor-quality or less desirable links and shows which ones generate the most value to your site, which is vital for achieving high search rankings.

Social media audit

A social media audit examines your presence on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Therefore, this type of SEO audit checks how many people like, comment, and share your content on social media. Your social media presence is also compared to your competitors’ to develop a well-defined marketing strategy. The main goal is to find out how you can utilize social media platforms to achieve the highest possible return on your investment.

When it comes to Investing in SEO is a great way to promote your business in 2020 and make it visible in the world of the internet. By performing one or all of these types of audits, your SEO team will gain a clearer insight into your site’s condition and determine what has to be done to increase your organic rankings.  

So, how much does an SEO audit cost?

The average SEO audit cost is between $650 and $14,000. When it comes to large SEO companies that rent huge offices and employ many people, their SEO audit pricing includes not only their profit margin but also the overhead costs – your audit job will cost at least $2,000. Smaller SEO companies are generally more affordable. As mentioned, the pricing has to do with the size of your website, among other factors. So, if you own a startup with a small website, you will pay less than a company with a more prominent one.


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