How Microsoft word use? Guide with Microsoft Top

In the world we live in today, everything is based on technology and everything revolves around it. And is that thanks to technological advancement is that we have advanced to large scales in recent years.

Learn to use Office

Now, to be able to use Microsoft word, Excel or Microsoft word Power Point, you do not need to buy the Office program or occupy space on your computer. With having email in Hotmail is enough. Learn and know more about how you can do it as far as possible with the basic steps. Microsoft Top share, step by step guide, how to use this application OR How Microsoft word use?

  1. Enter your Hotmail

The SkyDrive application works on this platform.

  1. Locate where the application is

It is worth noting that there are currently two versions of the mail: one the old Hotmail interface and the new Outolook visualization.

  1. Open a new document

If you are in Hotmail, click on the SkyDrive tab, which appears at the top of your browser, and select what type of document you want to start (Word, Excel or Power Point). If you are already in Outlook, click on the arrow to the right.

  1. Digit the file name

It is important that you name the document.

  1. Develop the file

As you will see the visualization, in this case of a Word file, it is very similar to the platform that is installed on the computer. Although it lacks some functions with respect to the traditional Office, it has the basic ones that are used every day.

  1. Save the file

Once finished, or forward the work, look for the option ‘Save As’, in the tab ‘File’. Again, the mechanism is the same as that used in normal Office. This value applies, also, for Excel and Power Point files. Know about more Microsoft word at their new web application now available with the name “Microsoft Top

  1. Share the file

In the option ‘File’ there is also the option ‘Share File’. If you need to send the document to another person, simply click on Share and it will ask for the mail to which you must send and the body of the mail.

One of the advantages of this system is that it does not occupy space in the recipient’s email because what is being sent is not an attachment but a link to the document. The person receiving the message also does not need to have Office installed on their computer.

To see the documents you have created and stored, just go to the SkyDrive feature of the email. Remember that you can view it from any computer with internet anywhere in the world.

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