You are a successful entrepreneur running a great business firm, and you want to tell your success troy to the whole world, the easiest and most effective way to do that is to write a book. However, writing a successful book requires excellent writing skills and language expertise—which many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have.

So, it is quite evident that you are not going to do that on your own; you need professional assistance. One of the most commonly opted approaches in this regards is to hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is someone who writes books without taking any credits for his creation. In simpler words, you pay someone to write your success story. The hired person has to think like you, act like you—quite simply he has to assume your whole personality to compose a bestselling masterpiece. 

What to look for while hiring ghostwriter?

Where it might sound like a simple task because all you have to do is to hire someone with writing skills, but that’s not all. The world of ghostwriting is filled with all types of writers, talented and fraudulent both. Where there is no fixed approach to hire and evaluate a ghostwriter or an affordable ghostwriting company, there are few considerations that should be kept in mind before finalizing your decision of hiring a ghostwriter:

1.    Pricing:

High prices don’t guarantee high content quality—never listen to this advice when it comes to hiring ghostwriters. It might sound bizarre, but price shopping is not for ghostwriting. If someone is providing ghostwriting services at a cost lower than 15k, it’s better to avoid that company or writer. No good ghostwriter offers his services at accost lower than 30k or 40k. In ghostwriting quality comes with a hefty price tag, since a ghostwriter is offering his credits at the cost of his expertise, it is justified to charge higher fees. You get what you want, and the writer gets what he deserves for his skills.

2.    Review the records:

Every credible and great ghostwriter provides the hirer with a list of all the books and articles that he has worked on. However, if a writer hesitates in doing that it means either he hasn’t worked on any book, or it wasn’t top-notch. In some cases, if a writer hesitates in giving a list of his past work. It could also mean that he has signed an NDA with his previous client, which restricts him. Getting a list of the previous is not enough to evaluate the work quality to test due diligence and promised quality you have to read those books and articles for the sake of double-checking and re-analyzing your decision.

3.    Have a chat with previous clients:

No one could provide you with authentic information about the work ethics of a ghostwriter than his previous client. A great ghostwriter never goes hunting for a client; his calendar is marked with meeting with various book agents, publishers, editors and referrals. So, to check whether the hired writer is good enough or not, refer to the past clients and book agents he has worked with.

4.    Interview your writer:

The mark of a great ghostwriter is that he expresses your thoughts and ideas in a much better way than you ever could. What you look for in a ghostwriter is not just the quality of understanding your ideas rather the attribute of bringing something new yet relevant to your ideas. A great ghostwriter is not just a great listener but also a great communicator and interpreter.

5.    The work process:

If you are going to work with someone, it is highly important that you should know about their work process—it’s not rocket science. If the ghostwriter can’t provide you with a definite work approach and method, consider it a red flag. Your hired writer might claim to be a great collaborator and responsive worker, but believing these claims requires a clear idea about how he works and what boundaries does he set. Having a clear approach and sensible boundaries show that he has worked before and values and respects your concerns and suggestions.  

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