Having a Full LinkedIn Profile Increases Your Interview Possibilities By 71%

We were rightly warning of LinkedIn’s immense potential for active job search. A new study now reveals that having a complete profile in the social network multiplies the chances of getting an interview.

Currently, digital job search platforms like Infojobs are not the alternatives that gain more weight for you to get work, but the key is kept by a professional social network nowadays owned by the giant tech Microsoft. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn, an online platform that nowadays, according to data collected by Kinsta, totals more than 575 million users, 260 million of them active users.

Job recruiters place special emphasis on the use of this social network, which has marked a turning point in the selection processes and the recruitment of talent, since it is an essential breeding ground for finding specialized professionals.

That is why thousands of professionals strive to constantly update their training and experience, share content or expertise or have a complete profile that includes all the fundamental elements to attract the attention of potential interested companies, taking advantage of tools such as the extract or hashtags for perfect the outline towards the outside of its competences.

To find out what role LinkedIn plays when it comes to finding a job, ResumeGo has written an experiment through which it sent out 24,570 fictitious CVs to offers on job search websites.

The findings of this study suggest that job seekers who invest their time in creating a professional LinkedIn profile have a considerable advantage over job seekers who do not. In fact, those who offered a link to a full LinkedIn profile are 71% more likely to be contacted for an interview than those without a profile. In the case of the candidates at the beginning of their careers, the invitation rate more than doubled.

However, if employers see that little time and effort was devoted to creating the LinkedIn profile, there is no benefit in having one. In fact, there may be slightly adverse effects on the chances of the job applicant being interviewed in such a situation. One possible explanation for this is that employers can associate, consciously or unconsciously, LinkedIn profiles with a low quality work.

The conclusion is simple: if you are looking for a job, immediately get to work with your LinkedIn profile!

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