We explain how Instagram can become one of your main sources of research to delve into a company and come out of your next job interview.

If you want to be successful in a job interview, there are a series of psychological guidelines that you should follow to prepare properly. But it is also convenient to do a previous investigation about the company, since it is the best way to know what you will face in the moment of truth.

Moreover, according to Lillian Landrum, head of talent recruitment at The Muse job search and counseling platform in this article from Business Insider USA, it is also important to do a preliminary investigation of the company’s interviewers.

And, although you may think otherwise, this research on interviewers is not at all intrusive: “It simply shows that they are interested and that they go beyond what is expected of them to ensure that they are fully prepared for the interview.”

In this sense, one of the most novel strategies that many people are already starting to use when facing a job interview is to carry out previous research even on social networks, such as Instagram. This platform is often used by various sectors, such as designers or advertisers, as an improvised portfolio: both companies and professionals often upload their work to Instagram.

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It is understandable, then, that it is one of the first places in which to investigate a company -or a specific recruiter- if a job interview is to be conducted in this type of sector.

Instagram As A Source Of Information

But, beyond designers or publicists, Instagram can be a very useful source of information about a company or, in most cases, about the person who will interview you for a job, as highlighted in this article precisely from The Muse.

In it, the expert in business, job counseling and productivity Aja Frost explains how a simple search on Instagram allowed him to get a scholarship in a company thanks to a detail that would have gone unnoticed to anyone; it did not appear in the offer of employment, neither on LinkedIn, nor even on the company’s website. Frost reviewed the Instagram account of an employee of the company and observed that every Tuesday photos of a Mexican taco party held at the company were uploaded to the social network.

Of that small detail, Frost deduced that the interviewer could be a passionate one of the tacos and, in a certain moment of the interview, decided to praise those Mexican celebrations in the company, as well as to recommend some places to him to eat tacos. The result was that this approach to a pleasant terrain for the interviewer caused him, for a moment, to abandon his role as a recruiter and establish a more personal connection with him.

“They gave me the scholarship”, summarizes Frost, who grants that small gesture most of the merit.

The key is, according to her, to try to find a link with the interviewer beyond the professional or the curricular. And the operation is simpler than you think: just search the Google name of the company and accompany it with “Instagram”.

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