Get Tinder Plus Free Worth to Pay

We tell you if you can Get Free Tinder Plus. Tinder is free to use and can do a lot without paying a penny. Since adding two premium levels to the application last year, many people have been paying up to 10 euros a month for a little more action.

Get Tinder Plus Free

Well, although you cannot get free Tinder Plus, if you can get it at a low price if you change your age on Facebook.

Usually, when someone says that an application or product has changed life forever or changed the way humans do a certain thing, we attribute it to hyperbole. Marketing is excellent for inventing praise for stacking a product in order to sell it. For once, at least in the case of Tinder, saying that it has changed the way we go out forever is not an exaggeration.

The base application is free to download and use. The main investment here is in the time and effort that is required to write a good profile and take some amazing shots. Then there are two premium levels, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Today we are discussing Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus is a premium version of the dating application that adds some super powers to your appointments. It offers five main functions, Passport, Rewind, Increase, Super likes and unlimited Swipes to the application. Each one adds a little more power to your online appointments.

Be the First

Boost sends your profile to the top of the cover of other users. You will get more exposure for thirty minutes once a month and will appear taller than normal.

Super Likes

With Tinder Plus, you get five Super Likes instead of the miserable ones. I still think this is a bit creepy, but they show someone you really like it.

Unlimited Glides

Unlimited swipes are just that. As a Tinder Plus subscriber, you have no slip limits and can continue for hours if your group is large enough.

Other features of Tinder Plus include navigation without advertising. Ads in Tinder are less intrusive than some, but they can still detract from the experience. Depending on the seriousness with which you take your use of Tinder, this could be a decisive factor.

You can also limit the visibility of your profile with Tinder Plus. This may seem contrary to the intuition of a dating application, but if you want to control who sees your profile and when, it can be useful.

Tinder Plus used to have a strange pricing structure that offered cheaper subscriptions to people under 30. Since a court decision said it was discrimination, there is now a flatter structure. Tinder Plus costs $ 9.99 per month, whatever your age. It will be billed by iTunes or Google Play Store and not by Tinder themselves.

If you are an occasional user who maintains the application to complement and already has a successful life, then it is probably not worth it.

If you use Tinder more seriously, work hard outside the home, want to control who sees your profile or wants to slide all day without restrictions, then Tinder Plus may be worth it.

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