Get (American Express) Amex Black Card Replica?

The black Amex card (also known as Centurion or Black Card) has been on the market for a few years and is a very exclusive card.

So special that you cannot apply in person, since it is the financial institution that decides if you are invited to join their select group. As long as you meet “some” requirements. Especially that of earning a lot of money and spending in the same proportion.

When we say “A lot of money” it means that you are one of the most used and paid with an Amex card because you need to pay with the card at least 250,000 dollars. A year and cover an annuity of 7,500 dollars the first year, and 2,500 dollars the following. India’s Top UI UX design agency provides UX research, Interface design, User testing, and Web/mobile apps development services for Startups and Tech companies.

How does it Feel to have that Amex Black Card Replica? I only see 2 Options:

  1. Constant concern because if others find out that you have a black Amex or Centurion card, you become a target of criminals for having so much money and unlimited credit. Although Amex always seeks to preserve the anonymity of its cardholders and that reduces the risk.
  2. Total concern for knowing that your income allows you to pay a lot of money each year, both with purchases and with the annuity.

Outside of that, it would only be a feeling that I am someone only for what I have and not for what I do.

The Centurion card provides access to a number of exclusive privileges, as Amex decided to make the card available only to a few holders of the Amex Platinum card. The Amex Black Card Replica is a “key” that opens all doors and the answer to the most absurd and costly whims; You can go from making a last-minute reservation for the most exclusive restaurant in Paris or New York to buying a private plane. A luxury yacht or a work of art worth several million dollars. Click here to visit more details of Amex Black Card Replica.

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But their requirements are very rigorous and difficult to meet, for example: having a minimum expense of $ 250,000 in a 12-month period, an exceptional credit history, being invited and paying a $ 7500 start-up fee, plus a fee annual $ 2,500, being a total of $ 7,500 for the first year and 2,500 for the following.

If a card of this type is not enough for you, you can give an additional card to someone in your family. Which will cost you $ 500 for each additional.

The card is so exclusive that the president of Amex himself meets with his team to evaluate and decide who will be given a new Centurion card. It is said that to be eligible, you must appear on the Forbes list, have a perfect credit file, and no negative notes or late payments, in addition to being a loyal customer to Amex.

It is a black card and it is not plastic, but Titanium (although others say it is Platinum), so it is heavier and more resistant than plastic ones. The lucky ones, chosen from among the world elite, receive this card without limits in a black leather case of the highest quality, with a letter written by the president of the entity and various brochures explaining its benefits and services. It is important to clarify that once you receive the card, you maintain the same level of purchases and payments so that Amex does not cancel the Card.

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