Generate More Sales with Online Event Marketing

Entrepreneurs should think about the future of their organization, focusing as much as possible on Internet strategies. On the internet there are many possibilities to be able to sell online (e-commerce), using this presence to generate marketing of events to customers will bring you more attention to your online store. If your company has a presence in Colombia, question, how much corresponds to 2.8% of current GDP (I quarter of 2019)? If it is zero, start generating new strategies.

Growth of Brand Activation Events Marketing

One of the elements that have most moved electronic commerce in the world and especially in regions such as Latin America is the marketing of events (events of brand activation).

Keep in mind that these events work for stores that have an online presence with e-commerce. If your company does not sell online, these little events will serve you. And second, usually, to participate and achieve great results, you must invest money. There are free elements or very close to this, which are important but do not produce the same impact as the paid elements.

Online brand activation categories

1. Events carried out by electronic commerce chambers (or their equivalents) in different countries

One of the events that have been pioneers is the so-called Cyber Monday. This is an event originally from the United States, which takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving and the main sales day in that country, the so-called Black Friday or Black Friday.

These regional Chambers of Commerce, which are generally non-profit and seek to grow electronic commerce in their countries, have taken this event and organized it. For example, in Colombia, the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) has been doing this event for several years in partnership with the El Tiempo Publishing House. The brand Cyber Monday in Colombia is owned by the CCCE and can be used without paying a peso for all members of the union, following specific parameters. On the other hand, Time Publishing House has a high traffic portal for this event, where they sell commercial packages. Any company can access these packages and members of the CCCE can optionally access these with a significant discount.

Another marketing of events that have positioned the Chambers of Electronic Commerce is the so-called Hotsale. In Colombia, the CCCE has just made the first version of it. In this case, sponsorships were sold to large and medium-sized companies, money that was reinvested mainly in advertising and other items, such as the development of corporate image and platform. The interesting thing is that space was left for “small businesses” affiliated to the CCCE, in which their logos would come out for free in this campaign, although not very prominent and not permanently.

2. Designs by individuals

For this category, it is usual for different companies to join, put money and promote the event by different means. In others, a large company puts the technology and invites others to participate and divide the cost. The company that acts as anchor is usually a big trade, but there have also been media outlets. In Colombia, there are a couple of these events, such as eDays and Thursday online.

What is the impact of these events?

Although many of the events mentioned just go for their first or second version, in general, they have been successful. The CCCE reported the results of the Cyber Monday carried out on June 17 – 18, 2019, where visits to the site were 895,446 Internet users, with more than 80 participating brands and with mobile participation with 76.29% as the most used device.

But this does not only happen in Colombia. Argentina and Mexico, just to mention two cases, experience similar behaviors as for the marketing of private events, there is no public data, but it is not surprising that they generate similar results.

Something very interesting is that although some of these events have been carried out on dates where purchases are massive, such as preludes to Christmas and Father’s Day, they have often been developed on dates where sales are low. In both cases, the results have been phenomenal.

So, if your company was still looking for reasons to enter e-commerce or increase the sales of an existing one, the event marketing initiative is a very good option. If you have not done so, go to the Chamber of Electronic Commerce of your country, where you can get more information about these events.

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