Foundations That Drive Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

The participation and work that the current woman has been leading has gradually increased in recent years. In this regard, I can confirm that aid to women has been reflected, since there are currently several foundations that drive women entrepreneurs worldwide, providing growth and support for their abilities.

According to the United Nations, women entrepreneurs have the ability to boost the increase in the economy of the states; this is due to the calculations that have been made, thinking that, if women and men participated in the same way in the economy of the labor market, economic growth would be highly significant.

Female entrepreneurship not only provides new jobs, it is also an excellent professional option that stimulates women’s economic independence. Despite this, according to statistics in recent years, four out of ten entrepreneurs are women, due to the discriminatory gender beliefs that are still present in our society.

Tops of foundations that help boost women entrepreneurs

Within the entrepreneurial world, female leadership gradually increased, even in the formation of new businesses related to innovation and technology.

Then I will present some foundations that are dedicated to training, connecting and empowering women entrepreneurs through various tools that have made an impact on their lives.

Coomeva Foundation

This group for business development provides advice and support to entrepreneurs, in addition to being an entity that offers the facility of microcredits within this line. In the same way, they stand out for the creation of the Coomeva Award for Entrepreneurship, which is a strategic idea to encourage, support and highlight the business initiatives of the various partners that belong to the foundation.

For some years, it has been rewarding the category of Women Entrepreneur, this highlights the momentum of struggle that encourages women entrepreneurs to be able to overcome any obstacle and learn to use their imagination, resources and positive attitude to form a company that can Give benefits to society.

World Women’s Corporation

It is a corporation that facilitates social and sustainable investment, with the intention of intervening in populations that are vulnerable, through an integral accompaniment of growth, training and transformation that contributes to the reduction of the liquidation of new companies achieving the their progress through the inclusion of society.

With its intervention model that can transform productivity, market movement and profitable social investments, this corporation assumes the offer and the market of the products that are offered to give security to trade and the incorporation of businesswomen with a fair and favorable income.

Met Community Organization

This international organization is present in countries such as Peru, the United States, Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. These have focused on giving support and impetus to women’s entrepreneurship in a responsible, sustainable and innovative way.

It is characterized by its high vision to form a broad community of women entrepreneurs focusing on integral development. They contain programs that are oriented to the accompaniment, strengthening and training of the different existing business models, facilitating training, communication and Networking methods.

FIDEM Foundation

It is an international foundation for women entrepreneurs, it aims to support and provide financing to entrepreneurship for women who have initiative and want to make an effort, but who have limitations to achieve their goals.

Currently, the number of women who have a leading role in entrepreneurship has increased, however, there is still a lot of potential in development and women like every entrepreneur, need help, support and learning to be able to enter the business world or strive to make their business grow up

This foundation strives to defend effective equality and significantly enhance the professional and personal growth that makes women visible and the influence they have within society.

WWB Foundation

It is a Colombian institution that focuses on the work of women’s economic acquisition through different projects that help their projection, leadership and training in order to increase and improve their quality of life.

Through their projects, they promote female participation for socioeconomic improvement. They facilitate learning that benefits women entrepreneurs through workshops where financial education, leadership, digital literacy and business management are taught.

Creating a business for most women is to have the opportunity to achieve great independence, while for men it is simply a way of maintaining their status and income level. That’s why I want to congratulate all the entrepreneurs who think big for having a brave and innovative spirit.

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