Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

These two platforms together account for approximately 70% of the investment made in online advertising today. Its purpose to improve brand recognition or simply sell products with e-commerce. But if we have to choose between them, Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, what is the best decision?

First of all, you have to know yourself or, in this case, know your product. In this way you can better identify what you are looking for with your advertising campaign. Once you have it clear, the next thing is to study your target audience. In this way you will be able to know if these people would be more reachable. And in a better way through Google or Facebook.

Advantages of advertising campaigns in Google Ads

  • Google, as a whole, offers the most used operating system in the world for phones. Smart TVs and other devices (Android). They also have their own OS for computers (Chromebooks), their own browser and the most used in the world (Chrome). Their own products such as mobile phones, home assistants, among other gadgets. And we cannot forget to mention the powerful YouTube and Google.com itself. Which are two of the web pages where users make more searches than any other option.

Everything mentioned above offers an ecosystem full of big data. From this, Google feeds to nurture its algorithm and seek to offer the best possible results for the ads. Although this is not officially exposed by the company.

Fewer restrictions and more ad offer

  • Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) has been on the market for a longer time. So you get a small advantage in terms of historical data and user intent.
  • The probability of sale is higher. A user is impacted by advertising after doing a keyword search. Or when he reads web content that is relevant to your business.
  • The amount of text you can add to banners and videos is less restrictive than Facebook. Thanks to this, you will be able to better use your call to action (calls to action) or general description.
  • It does not have any controversy as offensive with users and their data as Cambridge Analytica has been for Facebook.
  • Market competition is fairer than on other platforms. This is because a method is used to rate advertisers and the quality of the ads. This better deals with the money you are willing to pay for advertising.
  • The offer in types of ads is wide. You can make use of text ads in search, videos on YouTube. And static or animated banners within the wide network of display -GDN. Not counting new advertising spaces that will be available with products such as Google’s Web Stories, now in beta.
  • Advertising within Google Maps is a great advantage especially for Hotels. And catering services by displaying ads in active searches on the map.
  • It is predicted that the future of the Internet and searches will develop with voice. Here Google has a great advantage with the evolution that the Google assistant has had. Compared to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Facebook has not entered this market.

Advantages of advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads

  • Facebook ads arrive in a much less invasive way as sometimes happens with Google’s display content according to each web page. In this way, the user has less rejection of advertising by perceiving that it is more organic within the content.
  • When a person seeks to be distracted, more than 70% of users in the world use Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook has a large database unifying its entire online platform. This collects information from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger itself.
  • Google knows your interests but Facebook knows what you like. The power to segment of Facebook is really incredible, this way if you create an eloquent segmentation and doing some tests, the results can be much higher than what you could get through other channels.
  • Campaign creation is done faster than it would be done in Google Ads, and you can also use the publications on your Facebook page as ads.
  • You can generate interest in a product, service or brand in a better way. As I mentioned before, one of the great strengths of Google is developed when a user searches for information and can find what you offer. But what happens when the search is low or null? Well, this is when it is important to create the need, and here Facebook takes the lead.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads. Who is better?

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

To answer this dilemma in the Google Ads vs Facebook Ads battle, something that seems very important to understand is the “mental state” in which the user is when consuming content on each platform.

That said, you will agree with me (or not) that usually an average person uses Facebook more when they are bored or stressed and looking to entertain themselves with the somewhat “random” content that this social network offers. In this way, it is key to understand that your ad sets are shown to people when they are looking for entertainment.

On the other hand, the type of advertising that is consumed by Google’s media is mostly found when the user is searching for something. In this way, a person who is active using the Internet for a purpose much greater than simple entertainment, will find themselves in front of the types of ads offered by Google. Either by making a query in the search engine itself or on YouTube; perhaps you are reading an article on a blog or using an application on your mobile …

I hope this post helps you make a wise decision and you can make a good investment structure.


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