Excelling in the Art of Cooking Restaurant Quality Steaks at Home

Cooking Restaurant Quality Steaks at Home

Whether you are stuck at home from the coronavirus quarantine or if you simply want to cook steak at home, learning the basic steps of homemade steak cooking techniques can go a long way for you.

Now, you need to remember- just because a steak looks easy to cook, the process isn’t all that black and white. Hence, many people tend to give up after failing on their first cooking try and stick to eating prime sirloin at restaurants. But we believe that you shouldn’t be deprived of the skills of making yourself the tastiest and juiciest steak in the comforts of your own home.

So how do we make that happen? Easy. Just allow us to offer you a list of tips to follow to ensure that you can make a restaurant-quality steak with just a few cooking tricks up your sleeve.

Knowing the Beef Grade

Every famous restaurant is known for serving the highest quality and expensive beef grades- with USDA Prime taking the lead and consisting of only 2 percent of beef production within the United States.

It is also one of the highest demanding beef on the market, which is why it is super expensive, and it can be difficult to purchase this beef at your local grocery stores, hence you will always find items like wagyu beef online.

Aged Beef

Aging is a process in beef production that gives the beef an intense flavor while simultaneously improving the tenderness of its cut.

There are currently two types of aging- dry and wet, with the former being the most popular one out of the two. A dry-aging process involves letting the meat stay under specific controlled environmental conditions for several weeks at a time. During this period, the moisture of the meat is drawn out, condensing the flavor with the steak, which results in a juicy and powerful taste with a sweet corn-like smell when cooked.

Lots of Seasoning

Even if you choose a perfect beef cut, it won’t give you that tasty kick on your taste buds if you haven’t given justice to the seasoning.

Consequently, most people are often noted to hold back on the seasoning because of the fear of overpowering the flavor. But the truth is, seasoning too much is never enough. Meaning that the more you season your beef, the better it will taste- especially if you use a thick slab of steak.

Ensure that you are seasoning as much as you want on both sides of the meat for about 35 to 40 minutes before placing in the preheated pan. This way, the spices are allowed enough time to seep into the steak and spread over every layer so that you aren’t deprived of a juicy flavor that goes all the way to its core.

Finding the Ideal Source of Steak Cuts

The quality of your steak can highly vary depending on how it is cut and marbled, which is why it is essential to do your research before buying it from anywhere.

Chicago Steak Company is currently one of the most dominant leading company within the beef industry. Since 2007, it has been specializing in selling USDA Prime Angus Beef, Dry Aged and Wet Aged Beef and American Wagyu via their online stores.

Moreover, aside from offering high-quality prime steaks, they are also known for their delivery services. The company utilizes a process of vacuum-sealing, flash-freezing, and individual order registration for steak and burgers online. Next, these products are shipped away in dry ice insulated coolers to ensure the meat is frozen to preserve the quality until they arrive at their destination.

As long as you keep the above tips in mind, you will gain the necessary skill set to create high quality, mouthwatering steak to share with family and friends at home.

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