Today, making use of your personal brand means more than just showing yourself “as you are.” It assumes that there is a development and management strategy behind positioning yourself as a professional specialist in your particular area, as well as a rigorous exercise and content planning to keep you updated.

Your economic potential will increase the moment you know how to professionally share your personal brand. Who manages to design and transmit it correctly, will access better paid jobs. So let go of all those doubts about what is missing or what your personal brand has left over. Then I leave you 5 myths to reflect that we have all thought sometime.

Myth 1: “I don’t need personal branding.”

Lie! We must work with personal branding to position ourselves and differentiate ourselves from competitors. But how do I know if I have a personal brand? The reality is that we all have it, only few of us decided to use it. Establishing your personal brand makes you a benchmark with influence on the people who follow you. If they are looking for you for advice, they follow your recommendations, and in general respect your opinion above that of many others, congratulations! You are destined to stand out with your personal brand. This gives you immense power to generate more sales than another person who is not working your personal brand.

Myth 2: “Does everyone love me?”

False! You can’t please everyone. In fact, you should focus on the niche that suits you, on the audience that interests you. You must be yourself contributing differential values. While we have been told that we are worthy of who we are, now more than ever your personal brand should enhance you as much as your personality. The one that defines you, not the one others are waiting for.

Myth 3: “I am not technological.”

How many do not have a smartphone in our hands? If you do a little research on the digital world, you would make it your best ally. Those who are now more successful are those who have performed this process better. This is because their followers trust them for having shown them to be experts in their area. Professional social networks such as LinkedIn have grown to cover the need to make professionals visible on the network to get closer to companies.

Myth 4: “But I’m not famous!”

Worry about telling your story and don’t bother capturing the entire market. It serves a small group of loyal customers, just as large companies did since its inception. Behind each of them, there was a person with a strong personality who carried the business forward. Where are you?

Myth 5: “But I only care to sell …”

“… I don’t have time or creativity for this of my brand.” Have you thought about it? Well no more. Regardless of whether you own a company, entrepreneur or coach, the goal will always be the same for everyone: generate sales.

And your personal brand is the fundamental tool to position yourself as an opinion leader and become the most valuable attribute for your business. With it, you can publicize more about your areas of expertise, companies, business; projects … Put yourself in the place of a company that constantly receives resumes from the same line. All the same, doing the same … And surprise!

They choose you to work with them, because you jumped from the rest thanks to your personal brand. Do you see the importance of having it? I assure you that you will get better professional and business opportunities. Recognition, prestige and visibility will come later. To work!


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