Do you remember the dress Lady Gaga took to the Golden Globes? Well, she just went to auction

Garment auctions that belonged to movie or music legends are always very lucrative. This is demonstrated by the $ 300,000 that was paid a few days ago for the green cardigan that Kurt Cobain brought in 1993 for his mythical unplugged MTV. The highest bid ever made for a wool jacket throughout history.

And although it is in better condition, it is expected that a few thousand dollars less will be paid by the lucky or lucky man who will take home tomorrow the impressive Valentino suit that Lady Gaga wore at the last gala of the Golden Globes, the same with which he picked up the award for the best original song thanks to Shallow, main theme of a star was born

Of course, in this case, the really interesting thing about this couture garment is the rocky story of how it ended up in an auction house in Los Angeles without Lady Gaga or Valentino giving their permission. Moreover, until the last minute it will not be known if finally its current owner can sell it.

We talked about Sara Korea, a 24-year-old cleaner who works at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and who, picking up the room that Gaga used that January night, found her in the forgotten dress.

As usual in these cases, the worker took this garment designed specifically for Gaga to lost objects, where after nine months without anyone claiming it, it became her property. And aware of the value of the suit, Sara has not hesitated to take it to auction.

The problem is that upon learning this, both the hotel and Gaga’s team are doing everything possible to get the garment back to its original owner; something to which the auction house refuses since they assure that if it is in their possession it has been legitimately.

In fact, they have the receipt of the lost property department of the Hilton Hotel with which the cleaner recovered the suit, which will go on sale for an initial value of $ 8,000. A figure that will surely grow exponentially since the piece has a history of the most particular behind.

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