Being a small business owner, it is possible you have a limited budget, and you are unable to spend a lot of it on marketing your business. However, you understand the necessity of marketing your product to grab the attention of the customers in the competitive market. What do you do to market your business on a shoestring budget? 

Fortunately, the interconnected digital world, small businesses are provided with an opportunity to market their business without breaking the bank! Here are some marketing strategies which you can choose to market your business without having to invest a large amount of capital to market. 

  1. Build a website

Being a business person, you need to build your website as an online portal to share important information related to your brand, business process, customer services, testimonials, prices and your team of experts. It can bring your business to the limelight with the world being your audience. 

  • Use social media to your benefit

Social media are free to use. You can establish your presence on a few platforms to build a relationship with your customers. Not just that, it helps you to understand customer behavior towards your product, and you can have some insight on how to cater to their needs and requirements. Other than that, you can post interesting content on the platform and use analytic tools to track your success on the platform. 

  • Email marketing

Emails are a great way to attract potential audience and nature leads to the business. Email marketing usually revolves around highlighting new products, special deals and updates. It promotes the business to a more specific subscribed audience who click through your website. You can measure your email marketing results and ensure that your email marketing campaign is resulting in better leads. 

  • Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the leading encyclopedia platforms that has been used for business marketing, nurturing them to new heights. It is a free platform, so you don’t need a large amount to create a Wikipedia page. Many businesses seek the assistance of Wikipedia experts for hire as they have the knowledge and expertise to write a credible and informative page for the platform. However, before you create a Wikipedia page, it is necessary to determine the notability of your business to ensure the publication on your article. 

  • Write blogs and guest posts

Writing and updating your blogs can help increase awareness of the business and brand. Blogging also helps in increasing the ranking of your website so it can be found online. Other than that, you can opt for guest posting, which can help you to establish your business with the help of already established blogging websites. Encourage the readers to read your blog and make it interesting to keep them engaged with the content. 

  • Try Google AdWords

It is estimated that more than 40000 inquiries are made on Google every second, and Google has an unparalleled ability to get the businesses to the limitless audience. Google AdWords involves Google assigning a score to your ad depending upon the relevance, the landing pages where your ad sends the traffic to and click-through rates. 

  • Keyword marketing

Having a website that is key-word optimized according to your industry and business is vital for the success of your online business marketing endeavors. You can research keywords for your business and place them naturally in your website content to help boost its search engine rankings. 

  • Benefit from YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel can attract billions of users and subscribers. Make short and inspirational videos for your business and take advantage of video marketing to drive interest in your industry. Calculate the success of your YouTube videos by seeing the videos it gets and inquiries you receive as a result. 


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