Designster Vs Kapa99 Vs Design Pickle

There is a myriad of graphic design agencies operating across the world. Each graphic designer wishes to showcase his abilities to make an impression on its potential buyers. The competition between businesses is ferocious. Nothing is off the table when it comes to securing their target demographic. They surround their potential customers like a tribe and vie for their attention in any way they can. Their primary purpose is to acquire the acknowledgment of the digital community. 

Such is the competitive environment that each agency works to steal away consumers from the other agency. Each business hopes to create that visual component that arrests the attention of their potential client. This creates a vacuum filled with graphic design platforms that present themselves to such businesses to solve their ordeal. 

However, as many businesses are operating worldwide, so are graphic design companies in the same number. So, the initial question remains. Which is the most favored ideal design platform in the pool of graphic design companies? This question’s answer lies in the most authentic media, namely Designster, Kapa99, and Design Pickle.

Designster vs. Kapa99 vs. Design Pickle: Who Gets Lion’s Share in Being the Best Platform?


Source: Designster

Designster has been relatively new to the competitive field, but it has exceeded expectations with its marketing abilities. Many in the graphic design businesses were stunned by its rise to the precipice of their sector. Their sophisticated presentation and polished services have been met with acclaim from clients and critics alike. 

Designster’s key to standing out amongst its competitors lies in its exclusive cost package. Their platform offers a package of $299 for two months! Usually graphic design platforms rarely ever allow their costs to go beyond a month. It also boasts of a backing from a multinational corporation of 200+ employees that overlook every aspect of the construction pertaining to corrections and rectifications. The purpose of Designster is to access both the Eastern and Western markets.


Source: kapa99

Kapa99 has been another strong player in the competition. Much like any other graphic design company it offers unlimited services and requests. This equates to you sending any orders you want and requesting for the same number of revisions. They offer their platform services for a flat monthly price. You can begin to avail of their services in the form of a 15-day trial. Kapa99 graphic design services are offered at a price range of $300 per month. 

It has an abundance of resources but the requirement for their services are that you must provide money every time instead of every entry. This means if you do not want a one-time project and wish to obtain excessive media and graphic designs, it is best you make your subscription to Kapa99.

The graphic designers of Kapa99 are located across the world even though they are headquartered in the USA. The point of this is to access diverse markets regardless of the geographical location of the clients. Their endeavors deserve appreciation.

Design Pickle

Source: DesignPickle

Design Pickle operates as one of the more established unlimited graphic design platforms across the world. They basically filled the shoes of those clients who were vying for receptive and unconventional designs for their projects. They have experienced remarkable growth and continue to make strides in their development. Its platform has continued to dominate the graphic designing field since its inception in 2015.

The costs of acquiring the services of Design Pickle do not come cheap. If you wish to avail of their graphic design services you can opt for their basic $399 per month package. Design Pickle has undoubtedly changed the dynamics for different graphic design agencies who are hoping to emulate its reach across borders. 

Design Pickle is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and consists of 230 employees. Their agency has been met with praise for their expertise and professionalism in handling their cliental projects. Its very structure has paved the way for many graphic design businesses to take their own platforms to the next level.

And the Winner is…


While the three graphic design platform offer similar services in terms of logo development, posters, flyers, website designs and illustrations, their costs are what separates them. 

The fact of the matter is Designster is a more economical choice as opposed to Kapa99 or Design Pickle. The latter are outstanding platforms themselves but they cost a lot at $300 whereas Designster only costs $299. This is not adding to the fact that the basic service package of $299 offered by Designster is for a period of two months. Kappa99 and Design Pickle require their amounts paid per month. 

Designster has another edge over its competitors. It has a diverse market access. With a backing of multinational corporation at its disposal it has a wide range of eyes making sure that no errors remain in the final product. While the same is true for Kapa99, it does not have the same scale of personalized outlook that Designster has.

Unlike Design Pickle and Kapa99, Designster aspires to advance its customer’s potential through an individual level. Both Design Pickle and Kapa99 pursue their cliental designs at a collective manner. Collectiveness always hinders the true spirit of the brand from reflecting its true potential. Designster maintains direct connection with its clients to ensure that their client’s own pair of eyes are following the graphic design outlook prepared by the graphic designer.

To put it bluntly, Designster’s graphic design platform incorporates all the pros of its competitors in Kapa99 and Design Pickle. It has limited cons shared by the two. It’s better to opt for the best of both worlds and that can be found in Designster.


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