The Chase for the Most Phenomenal Gadget-Justified or Not?

The 21st century has brought with it many changes. Changes that have eased people’s lives. Changes that have made people less reliant on each other. And changes that have almost certainly resulted in more developments.

If I talk about developments, the most advance sector is technology. You see all of that we are, and we have been able to accomplish because of technology. Every work that we do is somehow connected to it.

Let us validate it with a few scenarios.

I am writing this blog, and I am doing it on a laptop; technology.

I went on a date last night, and I reached the restaurant in an Uber; booked through an application on my phone, which is a technical gadget.

My date paid the bill with his card, and the card was inserted in a PoS machine; another piece of technology.

Coming on the home front, my roommate reheated last night’s leftovers in a microwave; technology, my friend.

A factory that makes tortillas does so with machines. And what made those machines, yes, you are right, it was technology.

Now, do you see, technology (a word I am using for the hundredth time) has overtaken our lives. It has made us less dependent on each other; we don’t need the constant support and guidance of our loved ones. However, it has made us entirely dependent on it. Imagine if there was no hot water or gas in our home; if there was no wi-fi; if there were no gas burner, our lives would be pretty miserable. We would be like fish without water.

It is sad, but there is no denying it. This dependence has brought into existence a new concept, materialism.


Materialism has two meanings, one is philosophical. According to it, matter is the only thing that exists in the world, and everything else just revolves around it. Could matter have been used as a metaphor for technology? Probably not, but it won’t be implausible, if we did.

The other meaning of the word is the ideology which values objects, money and status over everything else. This is the inception of technology.

Today, materialism is far more common than it was in the not so technologically advanced era. People are perpetually running in a rat race to defeat everyone else. This race is to acquire as much wealth and status as they can because they have to be the best.

A materialistic person is filled with a superiority complex to his bones, he cannot and will not accept anyone being superior to him. Even if he has to acquire a loan to buy the most high-end car, he would, although he has no need, since he already has two cars in his home.

Why I am stressing on technology being the culprit for this trend is because every year we have insurmountable gadget launches. From phones to cars, you will see a new one on the market every week. With so much to buy, people have developed a proclivity to buy as much as is required to accumulate what they think is the right proportion of objects.

If there weren’t so many options, then probably this concept would not have ever developed.

Materialism is not entirely a negative term; it has its fair share of benefits as well.


I know I have portrayed both materialism and technology as if they will lead to the doom of humanity. It may be accurate, but not entirely. This concept does have an advantageous side.


The first merit of technological materialism is that the person is always updated. What this means is that he will always be aware of all the latest advancements in society and the entire world.

This knowledge comes in handy when it is related to the medical world. A compact gadget that can measure your blood pressure can easily save you from a stroke. Someone who is not into technological advancements will never have such kind of knowledge.


A materialistic person is always acquiring new objects and gadgets. This collection of things makes him seem more prosperous than the rest of us.

Since his prime purpose is to do the same, he fairs quite well.


People are always awed by unique things and a person whose only goal in life is to gather as much wealth as he can is unique. 

These people do not have desirability because of personalities, but because of what they have in terms of objects. It may seem slightly deranged, but they do hold more allure, than us common folk with our simple decade-old cars and year-old phones.


Everything that shines is not gold. So even if a materialistic person has a lot in terms of technical gadgets, they lose a lot to gather them as well.


For many of the materialistic folk, looking successful is merely an illusion. They take on huge loans and burden themselves financially to acquire unnecessary status. Some even have a terrible credit score, but will still get installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders.

I would rather drive my father’s rust-covered Volkswagen than drive a debt covered Mercedes.


Because these people only want to establish their mark in society by having the most advanced gadgets, they become self-centred. For them, there are only two priorities when they are going to buy the latest technology and how they are going to do it? Me factor is at the nth degree in them.


As a consequence of being selfish, they cannot form long-lasting relationships and isolate themselves from everybody, their friends, family and even their parents.

Now, you know it all. Do you not think that it is indeed technology that has made people so overcome with the need to buy it, that they lose touch with the things that are important in life?

Your life would still be great if you operated a 3-year-old iPhone. Not owning a car is not the end of the world for you. Prioritise the things that need it and not the redundant ones. Technology can be replaced, but you cannot do the same with your parents.

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