Chandrayaan-2: India Moon Landing Mission Failed

India did not sleep yesterday. More than a billion people watched and prayed as the supremely talented team of scientists from ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization attempted to land the module “Vikram” on the surface of the moon. While the success of the attempt has been forfeited for now (due to the Lander module being unresponsive), the grit and determination of the team has given inspiration and hope to the country for future missions.

The entire nation is proud of and firmly stands behind India’s premier space research institute and eagerly awaits their next mission. Vikram will explore the surface of the moon sooner than we think. Take heart ISRO, we believe in you!

1) The Orbiter is still in position in the moon’s orbit and is regularly communicating data. The Chandrayan-2 mission is still underway and is far from a failure.

2) Special mention to PM Narendra Modi for his dedication, passion and compassion. He could have returned to Delhi, but stayed right until the end, keeping the morale up. A true leader.

Some Unforgettable Movement for Modi

Modi invested lots of money on moon landing mission. How he was upset, after wasting lot’s of million $. See in below image;

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