Age is Just a Number – CEO of Ulku Logistics’ Caleb Ulku: Chasing Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Chasing Your Entrepreneurial Dream

The world is mesmerized by teen entrepreneurs and young millionaires catching some of the spotlight that most adult aspiring entrepreneurs are beginning to feel as if they do not fit into the world of entrepreneurship. Older people feel agitated, thinking it is too late for them to get started in the modern startup culture.

Overall, a large portion of people believe that we have to have everything figured out by age 30. This is simply not true; for many individuals, the 30s are simply the start of their journey. One man defying all odds shows that you can start all over again at any age:

The CEO of Ulku Logistics, Caleb Ulku, is a living manifestation of success that is not bound by age.

Caleb Ulku first began his professional life as a chemical engineer, working at ExxonMobil. He thrived in this position, growing as an economist, optimizing the $8 billion in crude oil purchases the company made and exceling as a manager by coordinating refinery operations.

Even though Caleb Ulku was a top-player in his field and has conquered the horizons in his career in Corporate America, life had something incredible in store for him still.

Changing Course for a Happier Life

In 2015, Caleb Ulku, his wife Leena, and their son and newborn daughter relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in search of a more serene life with quality family time. Little did he know, this move was more than another relocation, but would completely change the landscape of his career and help him discover his entrepreneurial mindset.

Seeing the rising need for assisting local Gulfport businesses find success online, a necessity in the modern market, Caleb Ulku laid the foundation of his new business, Ulku Logistics. Today, the company stands as the region’s leading SEO marketing firm.

Caleb Ulku sets an example to even established professionals who are performing at the top in their career: never let a full-fledged career keep you from pursuing your passion.

In an age where people begin to look for ways to retire early, Caleb Ulku took a leap of faith, leaving behind everything he knew, and the rest was history. Today, as a chemical engineer-turned-economist, and later, an entrepreneur, Caleb Ulku has helped many brands and businesses leverage the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to help them achieve success and expand their market audience.

Defying the Odds and Achieving Success

“If you have a dream, it will keep you up at night, rambling and demanding you take action and do something. You will not be satisfied until you achieved what you are passionate about,” says Caleb Ulku.

“When I started Ulku Logistics, I was skeptical. I had a family to support; I had doubts in my mind, but I did not let it take charge of my life. I never gave up on my desire to help local brands thrive,” he adds.

Caleb Ulku is a motivator to aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up and give their ideas a shot; you never know when success will find a way. He also explains that many people do not understand the right notion of entrepreneurship: “many people have a spark to do something big, but they still fail because they are afraid to try. You can’t keep wondering ‘what if I fail?’ Just do it; go for your dreams, and success will follow,” he says.

“You can’t wait for someone else to live your dreams. Your idea may be unique now, but there are 7 billion minds on this planet, each capable of brainstorming an idea similar to yours. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Take the risk and grab the opportunity; it doesn’t matter if you are 30, 40, 50, or older.”

He went on to further discuss how the entrepreneurial journey is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they are not willing to work around the hurdles that come with it. “The entrepreneurial journey is all about learning at each step of the way. You might make a lot of mistakes, but the secret to success is learning from each shortcoming and applying those lessons to the next step,” he says.

What We Can Learn

Caleb Ulku has shown that no matter what course in life you take, you can follow your passion and create the life you want. It’s never too late, no matter what age you are. If you have a solid idea and a passion to make it happen, you can become a phenomenal entrepreneur at any age, any time in your life. Age is, indeed, just a number.

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