Can you protect yourself from an embargo in your bank account?

The situations of default our country as we know have multiplied in recent years, and issues such as the presence of users in the files of delinquency, or the processes of seizure the assets of debtors, are unfortunately on the agenda, in This state of affairs, however, there are times when as a user we know not only the application of certain regulations, but also, why not say, elements that we can put into play to protect against unwanted situations, such as the seizure of an account.

Operation of the Embargo

This is important because the seizure or seizure of an account is a temporary operation until the debt claimed is settled, after which the return to normal operation will resume. It is also important to be clear that a seizure account can only be made either on the initiative of the public administration or as a consequence of a legal decision adopted during the judicial process. A very common situation in which this type of foreclosures is generated is the non-payment of municipal taxes, traffic fines or any economic obligation for a public body. In this post we show you how they are and where are the best accounts without commission market.

The Amounts to be seized

In order to determine the attachable amount of a current account at the origin of the funds of said account, it is taken as a criterion. In this way the minimum interprofessional salary is not attachable. Therefore, you can only attach an account for the balance higher than the amount corresponding to the minimum interprofessional salary in force at that time. However, in the legislation it is understood that the interprofessional minimum wage is the minimum amount of money to sustain the family economy for a period of time of one month. In any case, the liens are made applying increasing percentages from the aforementioned non-attachable minimum.

Things I can do before an Embargo

When it comes to protecting ourselves from this type of embargo, obviously, the first step would be to find ourselves up to date with our payments and penalties, from there are options. The rest of the measures are going to be palliative and really ineffective in the long term since the embargo order will remain in force and the sizable balances will be retained when we have enough money in the account. Therefore, keeping up with the payment of taxes, fines and obligations is the first preventive measure without any doubt.

To take into account these options we must also take into account how the embargo enforcement mechanism works, the embargo is only going to be made on the balances available in the account, that is, it will never generate a debit balance leaving the account in red, and on the other hand, it will only be done at the request of the corresponding administration or court.

Balances and Transfers

The precautionary measures are obvious, not having large balances in the accounts is one of them, making transfers to accounts free of charge when income is received is undoubtedly another of them. Both can be used to gain time while regularizing the corresponding default situation. Here we must also take into account a little known or poorly known issue, and is that, if an account has several owners, the administration can seize the proportional part of the income that corresponds to the debtor.

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