Best Computer Monitoring App OgyMogy Review 2020

Business firms need to transform with the best facilities of technology. Nowadays, companies have been shifted their data on computer devices connected to the internet. Moreover, they used to perform plenty of digital operations through their computing machines running with the different operating systems. Therefore, businesses love to provide laptop and desktop PCs to their employees to get more and more productivity in a very short period.

However, employers these days are facing issues in terms of productivity, time-wasting activities, fishy activities, and stealing intellectual property. So, they want to have a computer monitoring app to keep an eye on employee’s activities in working hours.

 On the other side, parents also want to monitor kids’ activities on laptop desktop devices to make sure their digital safety. They want to track social media activities, browsing activities, emails, passwords, keystrokes, and many more on PCs. So, you need to use a computer tracking app to get the job done.

What is the Ogymogy Monitoring App? 

It is a technological tool that empowers you to do surveillance on mac and windows computing devices no matter if these are in a laptop or desktop form. It is packed with powerful and ultimate surveillance tools that enable the user to monitor computer devices to the fullest and to upload all the information of the target device to its web control panel.

 However, you can use this particular app for digital parenting and employee monitoring activities. You can track social media activities like chat, messages, audio-video calls, shared media, and many more. Further, you can use get to know about browsing activities, keystrokes, email, screen activities, website blocking, screenshots, and installed applications to the fullest. Let’s get to know about the tools in detail in the following.

OgyMogy Computer Monitoring Software 2020 Features

There are plenty of features of OgyMogy surveillance software for PCs running with MAC and Windows OS. Let’s discuss all the tools separately for both of the operating systems in the following.

Windows Monitoring Software Powerful Tools

Website Blocking

You can get access to the target PCs no matter what laptop or desktop and further you can block the particular inappropriate websites remotely. You can use the URLs of the websites and then place the name of the websites into the filters.

Windows Browsing History

You can use the web portal of the windows tracking app and further get access to the target computing device. In addition to that, you can get to know about all the activities happen on the target device in terms of browsing activities. Get to know about visited websites and bookmarked pages.

Email Tracking

Use windows surveillance software online web portal and get access to the laptop devices and get to know about all the sent or received emails alongside the attachments files as well using email monitoring software for windows.

Screen Recorder

Use the online dashboard and further tap on the screen recording software. It empowers you to short back to back videos of windows screen and then send the series of recorded videos to the online control panel. Visit the web portal and you can see all the activities happening on the windows device.

Keystrokes Logging

Now capture and record all the keystrokes applied on the target laptop or desktop device with keylogger software. You can use this tool to know all the keystrokes used likewise password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, email, and messages keystrokes.

MAC Surveillance Software Features

It is packed with plenty of powerful tools and the installation process is quite easy. You can use its web control panel and get access to its powerful tools. You can use website blocking, sync settings, camera bug, MIC bug, keystrokes logging, and last but not the least screen recording software. you can use these tools to get the job done.

How to use Computer Tracking Software?

 Use the web browser of your PC and get access to the official websites of OgyMogy and apply for a subscription. You will get the license instantly and credentials. Get physical access to the target computer device and complete the installation process. Now use the credentials and activate the web portal to use the above mentioned powerful tools.

Conclusion: OgyMogy computer surveillance software is the best tool for parents and employers to monitor mac and windows machines of employees and children respectively.

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