Barbara Bry: The Key to Maintaining Balance in a Diverse Career

Barbara Bry: The Key to Maintaining Balance in a Diverse Career

Every working person knows that having a job requires you to focus all your time and energy on it, giving almost no room for you to indulge yourself in multitasking in other career choices. Yet, we still see many people pursuing several different careers simultaneously, making many wonder how they can accomplish such a feat.

The secret to their skill is the undying passion for their work. When it comes to passion, you can devote all your time and energy to making it come true. And if your passion lies in many different careers, you will find yourself giving all of them equal time with the same equal amount of devotion.

For further insight into this topic, let us talk about Barbara Bry- a renowned businesswoman, Politian, journalist, entrepreneur, and a leading business figure within the professional sector who has spent 40 years constructing a successful diverse career for herself.

Some parts of her career include leadership roles in non-profit sectors, investing in potential start-up companies, membership organizations, journalism, and serving as a member of the San Diego City Council. Her early career as a business writer for the Los Angeles Times had laid the foundation of her success, allowing her to create a track record of creating and implementing a number of innovative business models, general management, marketing strategies, and so much more.

Despite the several careers under her belt, she has still successfully managed to give each of them an equal amount of time which has ultimately resulted in her continuous success at what she does. However, she has noticed that not many people can do the same since there is a limit to how long people can thrive in multiple careers before burning out from multitasking.

While it’s all well and good to be passionate about many things, Barbara advises that it is also essential to make sure that you know how to balance out your careers to function more efficiently at your work.

Simplify Your Tasks

One of the most common things that overwhelm people with a diverse career is the amount of work that continues to pile up on their already overflowing plate. This can easily intimidate people and cause them to quit before they can even tackle these issues.

The key here is simply to work as much as possible, so invest in a planner and write down your tasks with the most important ones to do at the top. Not only will this give you a clear idea of what you need to do, but cutting out a task when you are done with it can be a motivational booster to help you deal with the rest of the work with enhanced energy.

Prioritizing Self-Care

When working on more than one job, people forget to value their own mental and physical care in the process. Hence, this results in quick burnout, lack of motivation, fatigue, and gradual despair.

The fact remains that you can’t lessen the burden on the amount of work you need to do at your job, so making sure that your body is up to the task is imperative. Try to take out at least an hour or half an hour out of your daily schedule to devote to yourself. You can exercise during this time, do some yoga, go on a walk or spend some time with your loved ones.

Additionally, make sure that you are following a healthy diet; your work can drain out your energy at a fast pace, so you will need to keep yourself nourished from never running out of the energy to excel at all your jobs with significant progress.

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