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The sales process of B2B companies, that is, of companies that focus their sales on other businesses and not on the final consumer, is more complex. The principle of lead generation lies in the importance of attracting quality leads from the beginning. Using platforms like HubSpot streamlines and improves processes, making them much more effective.

If the leads are of quality, that is, they respond to the buyer persona profile and are interested in our product or service, it will be much easier to guide them throughout the purchase process, until the sale is closed.

For the generation of leads, it is essential to make available resources with a really useful value for him in exchange for his data. The higher the value of the resource, the more personal data we may ask you, since you will be willing to give them to us. In the definitive lead generation guide we show you the most powerful strategies to make your recruitment strategy a success.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or organic positioning consists of improving the visibility of a website within the results offered by search engines. To achieve this visibility, it is necessary that the website be optimized in its internal structure: technical and semantic aspects, as well as work on building its external popularity.

Otherwise, as interesting as the content is, posts won’t be easily found. You have to appear on the first page of Google searches, since it shows the results that you consider relevant.

The main feature is that it does not work for payment and for it to work you must optimize the words and the keywords, place quality images, optimize the URL, reduce the loading time, make it work for the computer and also be mobile responsive. Tools like SEMrush will help you audit your website.

According to the latest State of Inbound Marketing 2018 report, SEO was the top goal for marketers. Are you going to miss the rest of the information that every Marketing Director should know?

Content Marketing

To be successful with content marketing, you need to engage our target audience with useful content. Content marketing is applied in the 4 phases of Inbound Marketing to nurture the lead, but in the lead, generation phase the contents are located in the TOFU phase, that is, when the person is not yet clear about their need.

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Content marketing is made up of wide possibilities. Some of the best ways to generate leads are:


One of the most effective ways is to create a blog and have a good content strategy. This strategy consists of presenting the audience with problems and solutions, providing help selflessly. In addition to carefully establishing what content of interest to create, it is necessary to be very clear about who the buyer persona is and what style to give to communication.


An ebook is an electronic book capable of being interpreted by electronic devices. To generate leads in a B2B company, we will use this resource to transmit extensive and quality knowledge. If we want the user to deliver their data, we have to create a CTA with a clear and striking value proposition. When they click, we will direct you to the landing page where they can fill out the form with your information and where we will show what we offer and what benefits they get with the download.

A misleading promise isn’t enough, the downloadable resource has to live up to expectations for the lead to trust us and want to move on until the purchase.


A webinar is an online video-seminar that works through software. They work because if the communicator is good, for the viewer it is much more dynamic than a reading. Some of the advantages of offering a webinar:

  • Location. You can do a webinar from anywhere, from your home or office, where you feel most comfortable and reach people who are far from you.
  • Costs. Savings in travel, space, accommodation or other expenses.
  • Complementary actions. There are software’s capable of allowing many actions such as a live chat or sharing the video on social networks, among others.

To offer the resource we have to follow the same process as with the ebook, since it is also a downloadable resource.


The videos capture the attention of viewers, present many interactive possibilities such as inserting CTAs and stand out for their viral potential. Youtube is the best-known platform with the largest number of users in the audiovisual format.

According to the Inbound Marketing 2018 report, YouTube appears as the social network where the brands put their greatest efforts.

Social Networks

The social network par excellence in B2B models is LinkedIn, since it is the place where professionals meet and there is more probability to attract attention and generate leads.

In addition to organic publications, advertising is very effective, since it allows us to segment our target according to age, location, gender and interests, among others. If we activate a paid campaign, we will impact the right people with a higher return.

Finally, another advantage of social networks is the option to share. If the prospect or lead considers that what we deliver is of value, they will be able to recommend the content to other people with a similar profile, so we will opt for new audiences that can also become leads. There is no more effective action than the recommendation of a person from our environment.


There are people who hate popups and others who appreciate them. Getting your audience to be in the second group is up to you. Next, we show you how to create a popup that you like:

  • Avoid opt-in. There are times when the user cannot continue browsing if they do not agree to subscribe or submit their data. Never apply it. The user needs to be able to see the option to close the popup without problem.
  • Personalization. Choose what you are going to transmit to them based on their behavior. Even if you already know their name, there is the option of addressing them according to what they are called.
  • Creativity. Your message and design should be attractive to the eye, and if possible, use a fun tone. Don’t bore the target.

PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays their ads to the website that presents them through a fee based on the number of clicks made on the ad. This type of marketing allows you to drive traffic from search engines to the advertiser’s website.

This Method Works in Three Ways:

  • Cost per click (CPC). The advertiser pays for the clicks received.
  • Cost per impression (CPM). The advertiser pays based on the number of times their ad is displayed.
  • Acquisition cost (CPA). The advertiser pays based on the number of times there has been a conversion.

To make it work, you must precisely segment your target audience, choose the platform where your ad will appear properly and optimize your website.

Optimize your Landing Pages and CTAs

Landing Pages

Without a landing page it is not possible to collect information about the people who browsed your website. Optimizing them is essential to convert prospects into leads, so we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • You must be clear and structure it in direct and short sentences, in addition to including keywords so that your text positions in the search engines.
  • Do not include navigation. We eliminate distracting elements and prevent the prospect from leaving the page. Therefore, a landing page is a microsite without a navigation menu.
  • Design. A simple design that is obvious. In addition, you can add attractive images that are related to the text. You can even put a mockup or a preview of your offer as an image.
  • Value proposal. The value proposition must be focused on what you offer and what you get. Anticipate any questions your prospects may have. What do you hope to gain? What will they learn? Can they receive a free trial?
  • Form. The form is the most crucial element of your landing page. It is where users will give their information in exchange for your content offer. Without the form you will not be able to convert prospects into leads.

CTA Optimized

It is possible to convert more visitors into qualified sales opportunities. Follow these tips:

  • Customize the CTAs to the visitors and you will see how the conversion rate grows. The most relevant and effective CTAs will always be shown to deliver their data. It is possible to customize according to location, language, device or web behavior.
  • As for the design, it uses images to make it more striking and attractive to the eye. The button has to be big, and of course, stand out! In addition, you have to include spaces so that the different elements breathe and understand each other.
  • The copy has to be easy to understand and invite to action. The value proposition has to be present.

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