A Glance into the Work Ethics of Entrepreneur Filip Boksa: Getting onto The Entrepreneurial Path

Work Ethics of Entrepreneur

Filip Boksa, the Polish Entrepreneur who is known for his true entrepreneurial spirit, serves as an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs. He first stepped into the realm of entrepreneurship at the mere age of 19, launching King of Maids in Chicago, an online platform connecting customers in need of house help with maids in their vicinity utilizing an online booking form.

“Kings of Maid, to me was a desperate dream of teenage. I wanted to be something, something Big, and this desperate dream kept me wide awake at night, to the moment that I created it, finally gratifying my urge to become an entrepreneur,” says Boksa. Starting from just a $6,000 investment, this headstrong entrepreneur has managed to create a multi-millionaire dollar business. In just a short span of two years, Boksa was able to scale up this company to 7 figures, that too at the mere age of 22.

Since then, the entrepreneur has become unstoppable and executes tremendous business ideas, one after another. Today, Filip Boksa stands as one remarkable entrepreneur, running many ventures simultaneously, including BookingKoala, a platform enabling profitable businesses to grow with its incredible strategies; and SalesHungry, a feedback bot designed to bolster customer engagement.

Being the mastermind behind many multi-million-dollar business ventures, Filip has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc. Magazine. Below, Filip Boksa reveals his motivation behind taking the entrepreneurial path and how he made it to the top.

Talking about BookingKoala, Boksa shares that it was a prompt idea in which he had a firm faith. “From the very beginning, I have had a doer mindset; when I discover value in an idea, I will bring life to it, by hook or by crook. Well, that is precisely how the term ‘million-dollar idea’ came about! ” he says.

Boksa believes that the pathway of entrepreneurship is not for the light-hearted, as it takes courage. “Entrepreneurship can be defined aptly with the usage of evolution theory. Only the fittest can survive, and for those who manage to survive, the grandeur of entrepreneurship is enormous, and all worth the troubles that they face on the road to success,” he says.

Boksa further reveals that no one would have confidence in your work aside from yourself while on the entrepreneurial path. “That is the key learning I’ve acquired throughout the years. Support from others just comes only after your project is fruitful. Up to that point, you’ll be totally alone,” he says.

Loved ones just want the best for you. Be that as it may, in their brains, your entrepreneurship yearning is only a dream. This is something you’ll simply need to acknowledge.

Life as a business visionary can be unimaginably forlorn. With no one trusting in your work, you don’t actually have anyone with whom to share your musings, stresses, and thoughts.

The most extreme you’ll get from others is: “Gracious that sounds intriguing!” and a couple of follow up inquiries. They may have a vague interest in your work, yet that’s it.

You’re abandoned with your work.

Some of the time, this is valid for quite a long time. You continue to fiddle away on your ventures while gaining scarcely any quantifiable ground whatsoever. Then, no one finds empowering words for you.

“The solitary, genuine believer in your own dream is yourself. If you desire to take the entrepreneurial, do it with open eyes and conscience, only if you have the patience to sacrifice everything. After all, the prize is all worth it,” says Boksa.

Surprisingly, reaching the peak after overcoming all the valleys, Filip Boksa is not even thirty yet. This explains that with determination and zeal to make things happen, anyone can MAKE IT HAPPEN. After all, age is just a number.

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