7 Web Development Mistakes That Hurt the Traffic Conversion Rate

Having a website is the first step in making your business go online. But what many people don’t tell you is the time and effort it takes to make your website a success. Even if you gain a lot of visitors, that doesn’t mean the conversion rate will rise highly. Conversion is when visitors take an important action on your site such as making a purchase, subscribing to your email list, etc. Even if your website layout is awe-inspiring, if your functionality is poor, then there is a less chance of the traffic conversion rate improving.

  • Misarranged content: Despite your website’s exterior being enticing to the eye, if visitors proceed to find your content in disarray, then there’s no benefit of that attractive design. If content is formatted in a non-SEO-friendly manner (no paragraphs, no headings, no lists, etc.), then not only will it be tiresome to read, but will also lead to your content gaining low rankings on Google. Make sure you align your written content with your website design.
  • Unresponsive design: Smartphone usage is at an all-time high. In the UAE, the greatest segment of mobile users are the youth, thus you have a market full of youngsters at your disposal. Even though majority of online purchases are conducted on desktop sites, mobile sites are being viewed at a high rate in 2019. Thus, you have to make sure that your web design is mobile-friendly on top of being desktop orientated.
  • Excess of material: Just like stuffiness in your bedroom, your web design can face a similar problem resulting from clutter. Viewers want to be captivated by your web design and not annoyed by it. Irritating background music or autoplay videos could make your visitors leave after just a few seconds. Thus, a minimalistic approach to web development goes a long way in raising your traffic conversion rate.
  • Perplexing site navigation: Even if your site looks good, the way in which people maneuver through your site should be flawless. The design of each button and every page should complement the next one. Have you noticed how almost all of the fonts in Facebook’s web design look the same? They create consistency and that is very effective in making visitors stay long enough to convert to customers. Also, make sure that your internal and external links are working properly, and that tabs are legible.
  • Unprofessional stock images: At the start of web development, using stock images on your website was a tradition. But nowadays, with so many types of images available, this strategy has become redundant. A major disadvantage of using too many stock images on your site is that other developers might be using the same ones. Another demerit is that people might become tired of seeing similar images on a site they visit for uniqueness. Also, if you or a member of your creative team happens to dabble in photography, they can take the process a step forward and shoot their own images to lessen the over-usage of free-to-use images available online. Remember that quality is key. So, use proper equipment and choose adequate settings to shoot your pictures, as nothing will turn off visitors more than low quality images on a site.
  • Slow site speed: A case study was conducted on site visiting habits on Google. It was found out that when people click on a search result, they move on to another one if that URL takes more than two seconds to load. Another speed related problem is lagging. There are certain ways to rectify speed problems such as not being a co-host, and checking the video quality, image size, amount of plug-ins on your website. Therefore, re-evaluate your hosting options, and resize your video and picture sizes, in order to optimize site speed.
  • Problems with Call-To-Action (CTA): CTA is concerned with using tactics which lead to a quick response or a quick sale. One example is the Subscribe button on a YouTube channel. Similar to that Subscribe button, a website requires a catchy CTA. However, even if you design your CTA button in a visually captivating way, it is of no use if the message to your consumers is unclear. Thus, you need to re-evaluate your self-image. Are you aiming for more social media followers? Is increasing your email subscription rate an important milestone? Next, make sure your CTA button is positioned at a spot where it won’t be overlooked by most visitors.

The aforementioned points will aid you in identifying and rectifying web development mistakes. If you’re still having difficulty managing your business and your website simultaneously, there are a lot of web development companies available to be hired.

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