6 Tips to Make your Online Store a Success

Online commerce has been opening an important path in recent years. You no longer need to have a physical store, be in a store 8 hours a day or anything like that. With merchandise and Internet connection, you can now set up your own online store.

However, that is the basics. After that, you need as much work as any other business, such as marketing, customer service, managing, doing accounts, looking for suppliers … Sometimes all that may seem overwhelming and you’re going to want to throw in the towel, but when you feel that way.

Today I am going to give you some tips that have worked for me in eCommerce, and that guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

2. Invest in Visual Content

Well-designed images and videos arrive much faster than long text that many people will not even stop to read. Therefore, it is convenient to learn to design even if they are simple images but that fulfill the function, as well as with the videos.

In case you do not understand absolutely anything about Photoshop or graphic design, hire someone to do it for you and, since we are, to take unique and incredible photos, that leave any viewer open-mouthed.”

3. Watch the Competition

Here you have to do stalkeo work. You must know your competition very well, know what they are doing well and what gives them results, so that you can copy their technique, and what they are failing, because they cannot be perfect, and improve that, so that your store is twice as good as the others.

4. Be Transparent

In the world of the internet there are many risks, and you have to distrust everything, including you from customers. But customers can also distrust you. So, from time to time, upload a photo of yourself working, showing your product or testing it, not a simple selfie because it has nothing to do with the store.

Also, talk to customers, interact with them as much as you can. Be friendly and always willing to serve, because in this way customers will remember you with love and will want to do business with you again.

5. Create Original Contests

The worst thing you can do is create contests that are exactly the same as others or that have nothing to do with your brand. These events are great to get publicity and followers, but you will not succeed if, for example, raffles an iPod if your store has nothing to do with mobiles; The only thing you will achieve is to give a phone, because as soon as the contest is over, nobody will return to your page.

Obviously, the prize must be related to your business. It can be a pack of books if you have a bookstore, a makeup session if you have a makeup company … And instead of just asking to be followed, you can ask them to take creative photos, or videos, or even to enter an app created by your brand.

6. Always use New Trends

New social networks, new functions, new applications come out every day. Do not be left behind and use everything they have to offer, as Gananci recommends using Instagram Stories to promote your online business.

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