5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Forged Their Fortune without Help

At present there is an extensive list of women entrepreneurs who forged their fortunes without help, despite being less assertive than men have fought and given their best, to claim what they deserve for all their effort.

The intelligence and ability that women have to get into high management positions, can be differentiated depending on their culture, in the country of China there is a large number of senior executives, however, in Latin America a culture is still questioned where machismo stands out.

In this region as well as in Africa there are innumerable women entrepreneurs who have helped their family get ahead thanks to their own businesses and immerse themselves in the economy to modify this trend.

Entrepreneurships today have become one of the best tools for women to be able to run a business. In this article we are going to mention some very successful women of the present and the past who managed to make their fortune for themselves and who are a perfect source of inspiration for all those who wish to take the step of entering the corporate world.

Tops of 5 women entrepreneurs who made their fortune without help

In the business world, men are not the only ones who stand out. Women have long stood out in their businesses, making great fortunes. What impresses most of these businesswomen is their motivating and entrepreneurial spirit that they have inside.

Today, many of them are on the list of the richest in the world. Each formed their own business with little or no help, indicating the character and strength they have. Next, we will introduce you to successful women entrepreneurs who became millionaires through their skills.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane is a fashion designer, who achieved her fame in the industry by benefiting her company’s mentoring system and helping to realize the dreams of talented young people. After becoming the ex-wife of the German prince Egon Furstenberg, she was not allowed to live submerged in a life of high society and decided to start with her own company.

Her dresses with wrap style reflect empowerment for professional women around the world and this helped her position herself as the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, she is also a member of the board of directors of Vital Voices and a great example that has It has been a great stimulus for female entrepreneurship.

Ashley Qualls

This businesswoman started in business at age 14 by opening a site called Whateverlife.com where she helped make MySpace page designs and also taught the design and programming of it.

Through a loan from her mother, this young woman bought the domain name and managed to acquire one of the first independent pages that obtained the highest number of monthly visits. Currently his page invoices more than 70 thousand dollars per month.

Mary Kay Ash

This successful story stems from beauty products, as this woman is the creator of Mary Kay Cosmetics, one of the most famous sales companies in the world and the main rival of Avon.

Mary started her own business, when the company where she worked for being a woman refused to give her a promotion. He only had $ 5,000 and his son’s help, but he managed to have the firm that currently has more than 2 million beauty representatives.

Kamila Sidiqi

This is an Afghan businesswoman, who had the courage to start a business in a country where opportunities for women are very few. She has had to face death threats and has been repudiated for finding ways to help other women from their place of origin to start their own businesses.

When her father and her brother left their family to join the Taliban, this young woman opened a sewing business to help her family, especially her younger brothers. Accompanied by some relatives, she embarked on risking her life in order to obtain the materials she needed to make her seams. Today his company is one of the best in fashion in the Middle East.

Madame CJ Walker

This female slave daughter of Louisiana, an orphan at an early age, began collecting cotton. Then he started a line of products and cosmetics for the hair of African-American women at a time when the rejection was very strong. He only had $ 1.25 to start his door-to-door sales business and that way he became the first millionaire woman because of the result of his work.

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