5 Trends of Social Networks for This 2019

Microsofttop published a report with what will be the trends in Social Networks for this 2019, revealing where the best opportunities and challenges that marketing professionals should take into account for the success of their social media campaigns will be found.

Penny Wilson, CMO of Hootsuite said that 2018 was a very hectic year in social networks, mainly because of the privacy scandals that broke out in the middle of the year and that led users to worry about the issue. On the other hand, the videos showed that through platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, story living is more convincing than traditional storytelling. In addition, the announcement of Facebook and Instagram on the modifications to the parameters of the organic reach, which generated greater difficulty to achieve it, generated that the brands invested in the guide through social networks.

With the above, we present the ones that Hootsuite catalogs as trends in social networks for 2019:

Rebuild trust:

According to the Barometer report, 60% of people have stopped trusting in social networks, every time is less the confidence that media and influential people produce, for this reason in 2019 the clients will be more and more aware with whom they interact in social networks and what data they deliver.

The king format: Stories:

The use of the Stories grows 15 times faster than the publications in the feed, but, look at the registration to May 2018:

  • Facebook Stories: 15 M
  • Instagram Stories: 300 M
  • WhatsApp Status: 450 M
  • Snaphat: 70 M

In addition, almost a billion users on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat already resort to stories to share; therefore, brands have to think about a change of focus for 2019 on these platforms.

Close the ad gap:

For nobody is a secret that the competition in the digital guide increases, that more and more brands pay for advertising through ads in social networks, however, this derives in an obligation for marketing professionals and is to improve their strategy, seeking to involve the brand more with customers, generating value, credibility and a differentiation that affects a preference towards it.

Decipher the code of commerce:

E-commerce continues to grow, mainly in Asian countries, but America’s growth is much lower, which makes direct sales through web pages much more difficult. Even so, for this year it is expected that the leading brands make an additional effort to promote the purchase of products through the Internet.

Private messaging that catches:

5,000 million active users, this is the total number of the 4 most important messaging applications in the world and it is clear that 69% of customers prefer to send direct messages to companies, as this helps them feel more secure about the brand.

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