5 Most Common Mistakes When Creating Your Personal Brand

Like a trademark, the personal brand must be developed with dedication, protected and transmitted to all people. It is a concept that refers to the footprint you leave on others, with the aim of differentiating yourself and communicating what makes you visible and allows you to excel in a competitive environment.

It is very common that you make certain mistakes when creating your personal brand; however, it is nothing you cannot correct. You must identify what you are doing wrong, it is important that you stand firm and not lose your perception, because otherwise you can end up confusing your audience.

Error # 1 – Undefined identity

To start defining your personal brand, you must first be very clear about your identity, who you are, what you are looking for, what you want, what you know how to do, etc. All these special aspects will help you differentiate yourself from the rest, and will make the public interested in you. Without a defined identity, you will not get the number of followers you crave.

Think about the topic you want to identify yourself with, because when you start to position yourself in that sector, the public will know what your specialty is and the value you bring to it.

Error # 2 – Use different names in networks

Think well from the beginning the name that will represent you, one of the mistakes that are usually made most often is to have several profiles with different names on social networks, in this way the general public will not be able to recognize you easily.

What should you do? Precisely have the same name and photo in all your profiles, so it will be easier to gain followers.

Error # 3 – Lack of objectives or goals

Doing things just to do them has never worked out; you should always have a definite goal along with an action plan that helps you achieve what you have set out to do. This applies to any situation, before carrying out an action, for example, making a new publication, ask yourself how that post contributes to your content, what you want to achieve, how your followers know you and if the content represents you, etc.

At this point it is also key to measure the impact that your actions have, so that you can determine if the strategy you are using is appropriate and if it is giving good results. It is not simply to have goals, but to analyze the results and make the necessary adjustments to continue improving.

Error # 4 – Remove negative or unwanted opinions

Transparency is essential when winning a reputation and creating your personal brand, there will always be people who emit negative or critical comments with intentions of offending, remember that you should not fall into their game and show yourself as you are, even if there are different opinions. It is not honest or correct that you delete the messages you do not like, on the contrary, learn to face these situations and manage them in the right way.

Error # 5 – Not being yourself, lack of originality and inconsistency

Do not copy the other people; the one that can be harmed is you. Its fine that you do research to analyze the competition, but you should never stop being yourself. It is a common mistake to want to copy others, to the point that you begin to change your personality without realizing it. When your personal brand is not consistent, the probability of failing the attempt is much higher.

To expand your brand it is always good that you dedicate the necessary time to develop a good plan and publish content on a regular basis; it may take a little more time, but doing it irregularly will make it difficult for your followers to keep up.

Tips to keep in mind when creating your personal brand

Now that we have identified the 5 most common mistakes, I want to give you some tips that are equally important and that will be very useful:

  • It includes own images that reflect who you are and what you do.
  • Optimize your profiles using some management tool, which allows you to manage more efficiently.
  • Study constantly and make sure your spelling is perfect, without any errors.
  • Make sure your stories and narratives are consistent, credible and always add value.
  • Learn to use hashtags properly, try not to abuse them or use them meaningless.
  • Win your followers, don’t buy them.
  • Be patient; remember that developing your personal brand takes time, so you must be consistent.
  • Always stay updated, every day the digital world and technology advances exponentially. Continuing education is a key element.

This has been everything! Do not let your personal brand fall into a hole and suffer, avoid these mistakes, follow the advice I have given you and move it forward. I assure you that you will go far, even more than you can believe.

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