5 Hidden Apple Notes Features to Use on Your iPad

Apple being the most popular platform of all time never fails to amaze its users. All the launches of Apple have always been remarkable, getting global appreciation from millions of users.

Apple Notes Features

Apple being the most popular platform of all time never fails to amaze its users. All the launches of Apple have always been remarkable, getting global appreciation from millions of users. Apple Notes app is one of the amazing Apple products that have gained the attention of everyone with an extensive range of features. Though there are several notes keeping apps available on iPad, however, Apple notes apps was recognized as the best notes-keeping app. Considering the importance of notes, Apple came up with an outstanding notes app that not just maintains hundreds of user’s notes but allows several other functionalities that aren’t available in any other notes app.

Apple notes app comes with a user-friendly design that compliments simplicity. Go through this article to know the 6 hidden apple notes app features you should try on your iPad.

Add Notes Using Siri

In a busy world where everyone wants to perform a certain function in a matter of just seconds, what can be greater than having Siri to do your work. You can use Siri to write notes in your Apple notes app, saving your huge amount of time. Now you don’t have to invest so much effort in writing every single letter on your notes app, Siri is there for you. You just have to say ‘Hey Siri, take a note’ while driving your car or walking around the street and your note will be written in the notes app. Next time you open the app, your note will be displayed in the text form.

Share a Note

You might write a note about some important things and want to send them to another person. The sharing feature available in Apple notes app allows you to share your notes with anyone you want. Start writing a note in your iPad notes app, throw in a checklist, and tap on the button placed on your toolbar named ‘Share note’. You can send note invitation notifications through the messaging or Mail apps and once they join your notes, they will be able to edit your notes. You can share with multiple people and restrict them from editing by enabling the read-only option.

Make a Table

Apple notes the app on your iPad comes with functionality to visually organize your information. This feature doesn’t add an excel sheet to your app but instead provides a table to manage your notes cleanly. You might realize the need to save a list but along with some other details such as names against their numbers or email addresses, you will need a table for it. Thus, the notes app gives you the fastest way to note down important information in an organized way without getting messy. You can add or delete columns and rows according to your need from the dotted menu button.

Lock Notes

When it comes to privacy, no one wants to compromise on their personal information. Thus, realizing the need for data privacy, Apple notes the app launched a feature that enables users to lock their notes. You can protect your private notes and prevent them from sharing with any other person by using a touch ID, passcode, or Face ID. This security feature isn’t offered by other notes apps, which makes the Apple notes app unique. Every time you open your iPad notes app, you have to enter the passcode or use Face ID to access the private notes.

Share Links & Text to Notes App

The Apple notes app has a share extension option available on iPad that is the best way to add links and text to your notes app. While you are browsing something and you come across some important information, you can just tap on the ‘Add to Notes’ option in the Share button. After doing so, the whole text or link will be copied as it is to your notes app. A popup asks you whether to save in a new note to the existing one, iPad app development company can even add text along with the link. Make the process even simpler and go to spilled screen mode in your iPad and simply drag and drop photos, links, or text from Safari to notes app.

Organize Notes in Folders

Once you start writing notes nothing can stop you from it and eventually you may end up saving too many notes. You may feel the need to maintain notes in folders as every note is important to you and you can’t just delete anyone. For this purpose, open your Apple notes app, tap on the Back button, and select Folders view, click on New Folder, give it a name and save it. Now you can save all your notes in an organized way in folders form making it easy to find a note. You can also drag other folders into a parent folder and create multiple child folders within it.

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