5 Famous Women Who Have Succeeded In Entrepreneurship

The current woman faces a professional level that has allowed her to place herself in a position of high hierarchy, since every day they occupy senior management and companies have realized how beneficial female performance can be within the business world.

 Women have a great capacity to assume senior management positions and these may vary depending on their culture, in China, there are many high-level executives, however, in Africa and Latin America, they still face a macho culture.

 Despite this, in these places many famous and enterprising women who have managed to get out of poverty with their own businesses and enter the economy have managed to change the trend. Entrepreneurship has become one of the best current tools to address and develop within companies.

Tops of 5 women who achieved success through their entrepreneurship

Although there are still places where there is resistance to female leadership, many women have succeeded despite the obstacles, placing themselves in positions of greater wealth worldwide due to their ventures.

 These wonderful women who have made a difference and that I will mention below could be an example and encouragement for you to develop your ideas and projects, some of them are:

 Vera Wang

You probably think of how this wedding dress stylist could be so famous worldwide with her venture. Although she dedicates herself to something so traditional, her wedding dresses are considered works of art entirely.

 His entrepreneurial thinking had no limits in being noticed only in his hometown of New York and since he began to open his stores, he set out to expand in other countries, managing to have several stores on all continents.

 Oprah Winfrey

This great woman is known as the Queen of television; she has managed to realize her empire in the media having her own television channel is a producer and has published an immense amount of books and magazines.

 This talk show host was born in a rather poor community called Mississippi and had a bad experience of sexual abuse during her childhood. Despite this, it was not an impediment to gain control of her life to start as a commentator and later be a producer.

 Thanks to his good decisions and investments, he became the woman we know today and he has even expressed his interest in running as a candidate to be president of the United States.

Diane Von Furstenberg

She is a very famous fashion designer within the industry for benefiting and helping the mentoring system in her company and motivating the dreams of many talented young people.

 Despite being ex-wife of the German prince Egon from Furstenberg, this lady did not want to stay locked up leading a high society life by starting with her own company. Most of her wrap-style dresses reflect the empowerment of professional women around the world.

 This led her to be a participant in the board of directors of Vital Voices, the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and one of the main incentives for female entrepreneurship.

 Madame CJ Walker

This enterprising woman, daughter of former slaves in Louisiana, began collecting cotton. She was orphaned at age six and became a mother at age 14, then began selling a line of cosmetics and hair products for African-American women during a time when segregation still existed.

 With only $ 1.25, she started her business going door to door and this led her to be the first millionaire woman who achieved her fortune through the effort of her work.

 Ruth handler

This woman, along with her husband, founded the gigantic toy store Mattel, and she was the one who designed the famous Barbie doll in honor of her daughter Barbara. As time passed after overcoming breast cancer, he had the initiative to create his own line of prostheses for those women, who, like her, had to undergo a mastectomy.

 Probably after having read the fame of these entrepreneurs, you have encouraged yourself to start your own business. Of course, they are not easy to leave everything to undertake, however, if you prepare and have the security of bringing to reality what you have been planning, I assure you that you can overcome any adversity with greater control and wisdom.

 I assure you that, if these women could achieve their dream come true, you can also do it with their inspiration, all you need is to have confidence in yourself, strive and take successful steps so that you can achieve the reality of a successful venture.

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