5 Entrepreneurship Trends of 2019 That You Can Try

Creating an innovative business can be scary; doubts about whether or not it will be something functional, if you get it to become something profitable are just some of the most recurring thoughts. That is why we have analyzed some of the technological and social changes that have taken place in recent months, to bring you some entrepreneurship trends of 2019 that you can try if you are still not sure of the item you want to follow.

Best Entrepreneurship Trends 2019

Knowing these trends that will be imposed during this 2019 and that will continue to be present for a few more years may be the best source of inspiration. If you are not sure which is the path that your own business should take, look at these ideas that we will show you below, it is possible that your creativity is illuminated and you start with the plans immediately.

1. Cybersecurity

In a world where everything is stored and managed through technology, maintaining the security of corporate data is a priority of any entrepreneur, which could be translated as high investments to protect them.

During 2015, a budget of approximately 60,000 million euros was estimated for companies that will be in charge of improving digital security systems, and it seems that by 2020 some 150,000 million more will be allocated.

After reading this for sure you wonder how you can take advantage of this as an entrepreneur, there are infinite ways, on the one hand the need to develop new protection systems is high, and all projects of security audits or ethical hacking will be welcome in the years that They are about to come.

2. Digital transformation

Just as technology itself is a trend, the adaptation of companies to it in a digital environment can also be considered as such, but unfortunately not all have done so. By this we do not mean to adopt a particular technology, but to create a completely new digital strategy, something that often implies a change in the business model.

To reach this digital transformation in companies it is important that you always consider the following 2 axes of reflection:

THE STRATEGY: Your vision is focused here, how far you want to go and what you are willing to do to get it. Which new models do you plan to launch?

BUSINESS ACTIVITY: the operations that are carried out in your business day by day must be registered without neglecting the income statement. This part includes process mechanization or logistics robotization.

3. Sustainable food and agriculture

It is no secret to almost anyone that the resources offered by the planet are beginning to run out, and a change in the forms of consumption that are currently available has become necessary. Not only should campaigns be created that raise awareness about the decrease in meat consumption and increase that of vegetables, but also technology that can make this sector much more efficient.

This would bring several positive consequences, one of them food, especially in animal protein, healthier than those currently offered, involves the creation of new jobs in the agricultural sector, and a setback in the environmental impact and global warming.

4. Facilitation of mobility

Moving comfortably in cities is one of the biggest challenges that have not yet been adequately explored, being the focus of many opportunities. Currently the estimated global investment for the intelligent management of urban traffic will double for next year, reaching a figure of 91,500 million euros.

There are some solutions that are based on sharing information collaboratively among the users themselves, so that the most appropriate route can be drawn based on traffic and public transport incidents.

5. New brand content

The specialization of content in marketing continues to be one of the best opportunities in the market, this is because there is little competition in the field beyond traditional online marketing agencies, but it is an excellent opportunity that you can take advantage of at your convenience, especially because he came to stay, at least until something comes up that can overcome him.

The contents that these brands usually create are designed to help connect better with consumers, beyond the traditional messages that are placed in advertisements.

Business trends vary according to the needs of people according to the decade they are in, at the time we are in, it is essential to start implementing technology in everything we do, since this is the future we approach as a society

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