Perfect Landing Page

The landing page is the first thing you see on a website, so it must have an intuitive operation, offer a good user experience and an attractive design. We highlight the strong points that you should highlight.

According to the Inbound Marketing dictionary of 40 fever, a landing page is “a web page designed specifically to convert visitors into leads”, whether these subscriptions, downloads, personal data or online purchases. Broadly speaking, there are two types: those that we find within a normal navigation on a web page – well positioned for SEO and with an aesthetic similar to that of the rest of the page – and microsites created expressly for a defined purpose.

Persuasive, endowed with high usability, spaces for an optimal user experience, intuitive and effective to solve problems, the landing pages made with care and professionalism have a series of common distinctive elements that we review below.

5 Elements that your Landing Page should have

  • Concise, concrete and personalized writing: The information in the text must be determined by a clear value proposition and a promise according to the aspirations and needs of the target audience. Remember that landing pages have the highest bounce rate of any page on a website – 70 to 90 percent. Tell your story in a few words, something that especially dazzles the millennial generation.
  • Let users tell who you are: There is no engagement without trust, so humanizing the experience and including opinions, ratings and feedback from users and consumers who have already participated in your project, trusted your brand or acquired your products will allow you to take advantage social potential.
  • Space to breathe: A good landing page has a gap between the elements, blank spaces and a minimalist design that does not saturate the user. Clutter is your number one enemy to captivate, so leaving air between the elements helps make your hierarchical relationships clearer. In fact, skipping the navigation menu on a landing page can boost conversions by 100%. Remember: no claustrophobic margins and if the content is wide, go for a longer scroll.
  • Human faces: Since human beings are social creatures -and therefore meddlesome by nature-, we are automatically more tempted to notice faces. If you’re going to use images on your landing page, humanize them to encourage a natural propensity for curiosity.
  • Movement: Both animations and videos are very attractive elements when configuring a landing page, since our brain is prepared to follow movement, an evolutionary feature that thousands of years later continues to characterize our peripheral vision. In fact, statistics reveal that embedding videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 86%.


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